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You can download the perfect myanmar pictures. You can download pictures and photos of Myanmar. The Myanmar Gallery. Pictures by Mike Browne. Stunning free pictures of Myanmar Burma to download.

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Don't miss the apparent gems of Angkor Temples and Phnom Penh: this 10-day tour shows the many other Cambodian photography gems from an insider's point of views. Our goal is to motivate the attendees to see Cambodia with a broader vision than the ordinary tourism experiences and to help them go home with great photos to show it.

There are many important places of interest, but it is also about going beyond the standard travel guide proposals and exploring the genuine Cambodia on the land. From Phnom Penh, this alternate route will take you to the southwest coastline and then up the eastern side of Tonle Sap to Siem Reap.

She uses the alternate places of Angkoria as destinations primarily as a pretext to see the "other side" of Cambodia: the side of Cambodia, which I would rather call "real" Cambodia, and above all as a pretext to hit the "real" Cambodian nation, rather than other tourists. Here she uses the other side of Cambodia as a pretext.

The Cambodia trip is for those who have done the Cambodia trip and want to see more, or for those who want to escape the crowd of tourists. In the 1960s, Phnom Penh was described by the Khmer Rouge as the "Pearl of the Orient" during his short but devastating rule.

Phnom Penh has taken a long way to regain a foothold, but much of the town' s charms lie in the contrasts between "new and cheeky" and "old and run-down". In 2012 and 2013 this trip was always lauded and awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

This is not a trek. You will be accompanied on this trip by a big celebration of delicious photographs. We' ve devised a trail that not only allows you to explore the classical sites, but also takes you to the countryside in between.

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