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You can download breathtaking free images of Myanmar. in the Myanmar Times. voir plus - Chefs Without Borders. Vietnam Prestige Travel, Hanoi Picture: Karaveik Palace, Yangon (Rangoon) picture: The northernmost state of Myanmar (also known as Burma), Kachin State borders China to the north and east.

Muslims from Rohingya fleeing Myanmar ethnical conflict - in images | World Press Releases

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With pictures: Myanmar's depleted waterhole.

Since 2012, in the isolated hills of Myanmar's Shan state, a US military force near the China frontier has been fighting a secret battle against an unarmed and unarmed antagonist. Poppy, the herb from which Morphium and heroine are synthesized. The craggy area is known as a poppy hot spot.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that Myanmar's production of mypium rose 26 per cent in 2013, the highest increase since investigations began in 2002. After Afghanistan, Myanmar is the second busiest opium-producing nation in the whole wide globe, and the Shan state makes up 92 per cent of all crops.

In the north of Shan State lives the Palaung tribe, many of whom have been cultivating and harvesting the "sleepy plant" for years. However, while the drugs are profitable, they have devastated the people of Palaung. The Tang National Liberation Army (TNLA) - an armoured Palaung group - then decided to declare 2012 to fight the use.

of Palaung, and today the cultivation and sale of narcotics is outlawed. They claim to have 1,500 troops ordered this year to kill poppies during this time. Commander accusing the region's China ethnical minorities of cultivation of poppy seed and working in consultation with Myanmar's militia and military.

TNLA aims to substitute different cultures such as maize and teas for poppyseed beet. However, the proces must be implemented step by step, because opium is an important revenue stream for the farmers.

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