Myanmar Physical Map

Ancient Myanmar Physical Map

A physical map of Myanmar with names of the capital, cities, states, provinces and borders to neighbouring countries. Myanmar / Burma geography profile, with maps, images and information about the geography and physical characteristics of the Asian country. To illustrate the geographic features of Myanmar. A collection of detailed maps of Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar Physical Map or Myanmar Topography Map with Myanmar or Burma Geography Inforamton.

Myanmar Physical Map

Burma facts and information about Myanmar..... Myanmar, initially known as Burma, is formally known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Located in Southeast Asia, it is bordered by India, China, Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh. 676,578 km2 is the land's area and the length of the coast is 1,930 km, which stretches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

It' the fortyth biggest land in the whole wide underworld. It is the second biggest South-East Asian nation. In the south-east it is encircled by Laos and Thailand. Hengduan Mountains in the northern part of China. Hakabo Razi is the highest point in the state of Kachin at 5,881m.

BagoYoma, RakhineYoma, the Shan Hills are the most important mountains of the Himalaya, which run from the North to the Southeast. Thanlwin, Irrawaddy and Sittaung are separated by these mountains. The Irrawaddy is Myanmar's most important and longest watercourse, covering almost 2,170km.

Irrawaddy River is located between Shan Plateau and Rakhine Yoma.

Ancient Myanmar Physical Map

Burma lies between Bangladesh and Thailand, with China in the northern and India in the northwest, with coastlines on the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The Hengduan Shan Hills in the northern part of the country mark the boundary with China. Irrawady and Salween rivers lie in the middle of Myanmar's lowland.

The largest part of the country's inhabitants live in this lowlands. To the east of Mandalay is the Shan Plateau. The Andaman Sea border area is a land of many cultures. Martaban Gulf also crags the South Shore of Myanmar. Yangon is the main town of Myanmar, Mandalay is the second most important town.

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