Myanmar Photography Guide

Burma Photography Guide

Myanmar Soe She is the first photographer to lead a photo tour through Burma! Burma has a rich source of photo shoots that not many countries in Asia have. Join the largest Myanmar Photography Guide to plan your best photo tour to Myanmar and capture its uniqueness. " We must go there while they are still eating," says M.M.

, my guide. Celebrate Bagan through the lens on our private photo tours in Myanmar.

The best travel guide of the country

She is the first female fotographer to guide a photographic trip through Burma! In view of her experiences as a photographic guide in Yangon and Mandalay and with the Myanmar Photographic Society throughout Myanmar, we thought it was the right age. She has won both domestic and foreign prizes for her paintings and has been shown several occasions, from Burma to Poland, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Soe is often commended for her exceptional work ethics and individual warmness. Khun Phyo is a definiteist at last year's $400,000 HIPA Photography Awards and is a pro! Kyaw Kyaw Winn Protegé' and a member of the Myanmar Photographic Society, he is one of the most knowledgeable photographic guidebooks in the state.

He is also one of the few leaders who knows the isolated Chin State and has easy acces to many "Tattoo Tribe" towns. A graduate physicist, he helped on photographic trips with Kyaw Kyaw Winn & A.P. Soe, Boothee Thaik Htun and others. Khun Phyo is a great option for anyone looking for a photographic guide in Myanmar.

Beginning as an astronomical photography enthusiast in 2004, Boothee's career as a commercials and photo guide was less than instant. Since 2008 he has participated in the Myanmar Photographic Society's classes and visited a number of photojournalist workhops. In 2011, when his home opened and a freer media allowed, Boothee got a photo shooting position with the Myanmar Times.

Though Boothee still works occasionally, he was not as lucky as he had been hoping for as a full-time photo journalist. Waning to do his own thing, he was attracted to the free-range globe of cinematography. He started Astro-Photo in Yangon in 2013, and his business carreer was out.

Boothee is always a favourite on the photographic trip with his expertise, his passion, his enjoyment of the outdoors and his outstanding command of German.

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