Myanmar Photography

Burma Photography

Accompany us on a photo workshop adventure of a lifetime through the amazing country of Myanmar with its ancient temples, its culture and its beautiful landscapes. Don't miss these great locations for Myanmar photographers with GPS details and tips for great photos from each spot. The Burma photo tour looks for the photographic highlights and the rarer visual pearls of Myanmar. Burma is full of amazing places and people to photograph. Let yourself be seduced, surprised and inspired by the many pleasures of beautiful Myanmar!

Adventure Myanmar Photo Workshop with Colby Brown

Join me & Paul Pichugin on an unbelievable journey through the mystic Myanmar in Southeast Asia. In this beautiful land during our stay you will see a rising sun above the thousand Buddha shrines found in the Bagan Buckets chart, floating along the slippery water of the renowned Inle Lake, where fishermen will no doubt put a dazzling lip on your head as they capture their capture of the morning and take an unforgettable photo of an unforgettable sundown over the teak deck of U Bein as priests come back from their study days at the area.

These are just a few of the astonishing moments you can take pictures of during this adventur. Myanmar was ruled for years by a repressive regime that tightly regimented travelling throughout the state. It is good that things have changed and Myanmar has recently had its first free democratically-elected.

The Myanmar adventure begins on November 10 in Yangon, where we gather as a group (flights come from Bangkok, Thailand daily). We will take a photo of the beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) for one night. You will have 3 day to study and take pictures of the thousand different buddhistic shrines while you have the opportunity to take pictures of some of the best pictures of some of the best buddhistic friars in the country.

We will then head to Inle Lake, where we will stay for a few nights to explore the tranquil water, the towns and the famed fishermen of Myanmar. At the end of our stay in Mandalay, we will have the chance to catch the nature of those who cross the U Bein wood viaduct and the live of the indigenous Buddhist friars in a monastery near by.

You are insured from the time you arrive in Myanmar until the end of your journey. As soon as you arrive in Myanmar, all your hotel accommodation will be charged with two people. You will receive all necessary permissions and guide books during the course. Group and one-to-one lessons are included in the price.

They will be in charge of the purchase of all overseas flight tickets for this event. It is your responsibility to obtain your Myanmar travel visas before the start of the workshops. You will have the chance to deepen the abilities you need to work on in private lessons with two photographic teachers who will be present during the group.

When you are ready to join the waitlist, click HERE. Please refer to the F.A.Q. section of this website to find out more about the terms of cancellations or if you have any further queries. He is a photography teacher, photography teacher and writer from Boulder, Colorado.

Specialized in landscapes, travelling and humanitary photography, his photography portfolios cover the whole planet. Colby conducted National Geographic workshop in South America not long after collecting his first digicam in 2006, further increasing his passion for travelling and photography schooling. He established The Giving Lens in 2011, an organisation that combines photography training with the help of various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and is active worldwide in the areas of children's upbringing, safe drinkingwater and women's empowerment.

Iceland is definitely a worthwhile place to have a Colby work-show! I am a full-time professional fotographer who is always looking for new abilities. When I talked to Colby, I thought that his Iceland photo session would suit me and I was right. We at Colby pay particular care to your needs and will pass the know-how on as long as you wish.

I' d suggest a Colby Brown workshops for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It was Colby and his team who provided me with exactly what I was looking for, a programme to enhance my photographic abilities and post-production capabilities in an astonishing environment. Colby would give instructions on how to compose and how to see things from a different angle at different photographic sites, which would make my photographs more attractive.

The work of other fotographers in the day-to-day photographic reviews has also help me to broaden the way I get closer to a particular film. That was a very pleasant way to enhance my photography.

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