Myanmar Photo Tour

Burma Photo Tour

Photo tour to the most beautiful sights of Myanmar, accompanied by award-winning travel photographer Arun Bhat. 9 days with amazing photo opportunities! Myanmar's landscape and people offer wonderful photographic moments on every corner. Phototours in Myanmar in Bagan, Yangon and Mandalay. The Myanmar Photo Journey takes you to one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world.

Myanmar Photography Tour - Private Myanmar Photo Touring

Now is the right moment if you have never taken a Burma photo tour before. This astonishing land has been practically freezed in history for generation, insulated from the economical and technical progress of its neighbors. With Myanmar's powerful heritage, this comparative isolation provided stunning and unparalleled photographical possibilities on almost every dust road or rural avenue.

Today, as the door is open for quick modernization, many of these imaging options are becoming increasingly difficult. Our Burma photo tour has covered the additional distance to offer you some of the few and unrepeatable possibilities this fantastic traveler has. We' ll show you faces and places where ancient Burma still leaves breathtaking traces.

We' ll take you to places far away from the touristic busses and give you a lot of patience and help so that you can take thought-provoking and interesting pictures. Because we do this tour not as a group tour, but privately, you will receive a firing program tailored to your interests and tastes.

Backed by sophisticated tourism and some of the best photographers in the industry.

Two-weeks photo tour of Myanmar with Bobo - Review of Myanmar Day Tours, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Organized by the Burmese Myanmar based photo studio Bobo for two beautiful week in Burma's centre, east and west. For the second photo tour I use Bobo. He is also a "moderator" and provided insight into astonishing places and regional themes. He' s a keen and hesitant to quit a shooting until you have the photo you're happy with.

Recommended is any photo tour in Myanmar with Bobo. I and 3 other fotographers traveled with Bobo in August 2016 to take pictures of the country in Shan State. He is a real, kind man who always has your special travelling needs in mind. He' s more a pal than a leader and'thank you' is not enough to show my appreciation for his generous ness and friendliness.

For 10 and a half day we drove by car and rail and stopped when we saw something we wanted to film. We' just had a beautiful journey through Myanmar. We came home with great photos thanks toBo. He is very much recommended because he shares his understanding of the world of photographing, his friendliness and his respect for other human beings.

We will return to Myanmar one of these days, I sincerely wish to see him again. In 2016 my missus and I went to Myanmar and this was my second journey and I wanted to make up for it between a photo tour and my missus' first one. He was a great leader and not only took me to some singular and different places, but also helped me to evolve my work.

Whilst this is just a pastime for me, I have received many commentaries on the images I have taken in Myanmar. It' s difficult not to take good photos in Myanmar, but with Bobo you get great quality photos that are fit for the family. I' ve been recommending his work to both beginners and professionals, you can't get any better.

It is possible to go 3 times with Zaw, once alone and twice with groups. He has unsurpassed expertise in the places, themes and contexts of photograph. In addition to his expertise, he is also very kind and supportive, always ready to help and part. My sincere thanks go to him. Have you been on Myanmar day trips?

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