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With the soft and diffuse light of the Golden Hours over Bagan, a magical atmosphere is created to photograph Myanmar's most famous temple complex. Beautiful pictures Bernie, which I have seen many years ago, since this blog has been around for a very long time. Pictures & Videos from our tours. Burma walks photos and videos of our team and our travelers. I walk through the streets of Yangon, past men and women who still carry the traditional.

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Warm aeroplanes ascending at dawn over the Bagan Temple grounds. He traverses Taungthaman Lake in Amarapura, near Mandalay, at a 1.2 km crossroad. A magical ambience is created by the smooth and diffused Golden Hours over Bagan to take pictures of Myanmar's most celebrated temple complex.

In Bagan Temples Area, a farmer brings her cattle back to the town. Myanmar's agricultural sector continues to be the most important industry, accounting for around 60% of the country's GDP (gross domestic product) and employs around 65% of its people. Cross Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura - Mandalay region - on an oxcart.

Scenes of the U-leg pedestrian crossing at Amarapura, Mandalay region. Labourers poured asphalt on a Myanmar street. Worshiping Buddha in the Phyathada Pagoda in Bagan, this young Myanmar couple leaves the sanctuary to commemorate their anniversary with their families and mates. Nyaung-U town, Bagan, with a Thanaka pasty on his face.

The Thanaka has been used for over 2000 years by Myanmar woman and to a smaller degree by men and young people. Myanmar streetwalkers. On the countryside, as in the other parts of Asia, poverty-stricken females often work intensively and intensively to support their families. Myanmar woman working as a kid at the market in Bago.

Over 1.5 million kids between the ages of 10 and 17 are still working in the state. Traveller's profile of a young girl from Burma. Worked at a souvenir shop in the Bagan area and was very timid to take her picture. As a man it is often not simple to get women profiles, especially in Asia.

My spouse often helps the girl and girl to enjoy the companionship of another girl. The young in Myanmar are living between tradition and the modern age. Surfing on their smart phone, a smoke on their faces, they still wear massive Longyi clothes and thinaka powders to keep their cheekbones safe.

From a photographical point of view, this was an interesting piece of work. Their long shades were similar to the long tradition of Burma marionettes hung in the first one. A portrait of a Padaung woman, also known as Kayan Lahwi. The Ethnic group, generally known as the giraffe women, is recognized by their copper-collars, which they put on at the age of only 5 years.

The photo was taken near a tourist area where many kids, like this special group of acquaintances, sold post cards or paintings to tourists. After a short period of play, the earnestness and compassion these kids used to get tourists to buy was quickly substituted by ease and fortun.

True natures predominate in the games: they are no longer impoverished or illiterate, but only kids who like to smile and to fall in love. As a result, they are no longer just a family. Shwedagon Paya is the most revered and impressing Buddhist stupa in Burma (Myanmar) that preserves strings of Buddha's fur and other sacred remains.

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