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Let's share fun photo comments with friends here. Submit your funny photos to burmeseyouthsection@gmail. Q) Just hanging out near Nyaungshwe, I'll enjoy taking pictures. Sunrise Bagan, sunset Bagan, Mandalay, hot air balloon ride over Bagan, Myanmar. Image gallery of an incredible noviciation ceremony in Myanmar.

A few interesting photo comments - Myanmar General discussion

This first photo is about the lecture of the renowned actor "Mo Mo Mo Mo Myint Aung". The commentary talks... Second is Obama speaks " Not too poor, I can ask the way of Nan Gyi Thoke when I buy the sime map ".... on the basis of the much-loved Telenor map display.

The third actor Nay Toe asks in his well-known way "Are u speaking about me". The big make-up man and lady boy from Myanmar is a well-known one. The sweet man talks furiously,'I'll murder you' The man talks' You may disregard me, but still keep my rank' The second photo is'memes', not a photo comment!

I need to know the differences between the mems and the photo commentaries.

Do you have any advice or commentaries on my route for the photograph? - Myanmar forum

I' m planing a 10 day journey to Myanmar with my boyfriend this December. We' re very interested in taking pictures. I am looking for places that are less touristic, like the way of life of the locals (local tribes & markets, bulls & carts, schoolchildren? ), scenic or singular landscapes?

I will use the very mellow and dramatic lighting that is appropriate for photography especially in the early mornings and even in the evenings. At first I would like to see it supplemented to 100% with some commentaries or hints. - Taking a cab from the Aiport to the city centre, I will change trains and take a pick-up back to Maha Ganayon Kyaung.

Q ) I have not yet made up my mind whether to use a horse-drawn carriage or a cab. Has Minanthu come this far by wagon? - 06:00 After catching the dawn in Shwesandaw, drive to the airfield. Do you have any comment? - We moved from Kalaw to Shweynaung by rail at 11:30 a.m. and transferred from Shwenyaung to Nyaungshwe by cab.

F ) In relation to driving a course or a sundown. Have you got any advice for your work? Q ) Just hang out near Nyaungshwe, I'll love taking pictures.

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