Myanmar Phone Code

The Myanmar phone code

Dialing codes in Myanmar. Calling a Myanmar phone: Call Myanmar international area codes. For calling home overseas. For a clearer and smoother international call experience, you should check these international country codes for IDD calls.

Dial prefixes for Myanmar - Mandalay

You need to make an internationall call and don't know which area code to use? Use our global area code search to find the area code for a wide range of country and city prefixes. or choose: or dial: Some of the prefixes may be out of date while we try to keep our prefixes up to date.

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Reykjavik - Myanmar

These same connections are established to make sure you can get phone conversations from your families, boyfriends and partners oversee. With Ooredoo you can now also use text messaging (SMS) from most cell phone systems worldwide, regardless of the type of network used. OR enter + followed by the international code and the cell phone number minus zero before the number to which you want to transmit.

Narcotics Anonymous = We currently have no deal with this state, but we are continually upgrading our deals, so please come back soon. IsraelN.A.N.A. NA = Currently we have no deal with this land, but we update our deals all the time, so please visit again soon. We charge 70 for the Zawgyi typeface (Myanmar language) and 160 for English.

Recipients' capability to display the Zawgyi SMS typeface depends on their mobile phone preferences and is beyond Ooredoo's reasonable discretion.

Burma area codes

When using one of our phone cards, please follow the steps below: Select the TOOL FREE number. 1+ area code + phone number for local phone conversations in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. It' for internationals: Icon 011 + Area code + Area code + Telephone number.

Myanmar Bago Area Code

Bago, Myanmar area code: 52 - Click on the number to see if there are other locations in our data base with the same area code. in Bago (at the point of creation of this page): Monday, 09.07.2008, 05:41 Difference to Greenwich Mean Tide (GMT) in hours: 06:30 (+0630 timezone).

A number of different country have different prefixes. Many telephones have an alphabetical call number table, but they only show a plus symbol (+).

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