Myanmar Phar the ma

Burma Phar the Ma

Air compressor, vacuum pump, automatic filling Ma . Greetings to Golden Myanmar Remark: Some of the places in Myanmar are not accessible to visitors all year round from potholes and uneven floors, which require a four-wheel driven vehicle for ascent to travel almost 4MP. Formerly Naung Phar was 6 nautical miles across, but today it is only 1.5 nautical miles in breadth and 3 nautical mile in length that an island in the centre of the lake lay in an old pagoda named "Mot Soe Ma Island, Mot Soe Ma Pagoda".

In the centre of the island was found a monastery in which an old ruined historical pagoda, from the pagoda to the pond, was a viaduct, on the other side of which a wooden building for the viewpoint under construction was found. Anyone who came to the place said it was like the U-Pein River Brigde, said Naung Phar Local People.

The 8 villages around Naung Phar Village Vicinity were inhabited by Shan, Lishaw and Palaung Ethnicity, who made the most of agriculture. One story backdrop story narrated by Mot Soe Island Shan Sayartaw about Naung Phar Lake has been listened to as follows. There, she encountered a dowager who had a child and when she became a teenager, a dragon king who was visiting the globe from his dragon palace.

Visiting for Traditional Homage to Families and Senior Citizens in Tagoo (April), she asked the widow Grandma's consent to "Mama, we will be paying homage to them. "She concurred with the Dragon King. Once the boy was put in the lake, he turned into a big fishy.

As the tone went quiet, Grandma came out to investigate him, and then she realized that her grandchild had already altered his Big Fisch lifestyle, and she felt very painful. She had nothing to help her, the present issue, she let him go and the Big Angler grow very big enough over (5 x 2 meters) 10 meters long.

When the village inhabitants told the king about the huge pelagic, he ordered the king to capture the fish's thoughts, the larger the figure, the better it can be with small bone and the fishermen can let it out. It' just my grandchild, not the other one. "The butler said to her, "No. That is your grandson, you said.

We' ll take them as our king ordered, and they sent the wretch to the king. He asked the fisherman about the cost of his meat, which he had never had before. Seafood was cut into small chunks and each home divided with a chunk of seafood.

and the Dragon King came from a service call. Grandma thoroughly recounted the incident to him and the dragon became angry. My own boy was even slain and devoured, "You will now know of me", and went back to his dragon palace. Said his woman should not be scared and brought her to his land and the land of the people who were eating dragon meat from his boy, he dived into the depth.

As the king of the dragon returned home, his woman escorted him to his dragon palace, since she was alone, without a mate, without a boy, without a family. She returned home many years later and established a "Pagoda of Longing", which was founded by her father-in-law and named "Widow's Island Pagoda", and the small island was named "Widow's Island", in Myanmar's language "Mot Soe Ma Island" the name came into being.

Both the lake and the pagoda were over a thousand years old and the donators had been restored, but now the beginning of a state of damages was in sight. Lake "Naung Phar" was only (8 x 18 inches) 12 feet underwater. There were 8 villages in total in Old Kone Kar Village, Old Phar Phway Village, Naung Phar Thut, Wun Yu, Hut Phar, Par Saing Villages where Palaung and Shan Ethnicity lived 100 Household Round, but today the populations have declined due to stays abroad and war refugees.

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