Myanmar Person

Burma Person

I hope the person responsible will listen and not repeat the same mistake. It is an ideal way to explore Myanmar - the Golden Land - and get to know the most important highlights of Myanmar. When a car accident happens in Thailand, the Thais often say: "Must have been a Myanmar driver. A director's duties come from Myanmar legislation. Oh, what's the use sending her to school, she can't see - there's no point raising a blind man.


Aung San Suu Kyi's Elie Wiesel Award 2012, his highest award, says the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Myanmar's Myanmar commander and Nobel Prize laureate was criticised for not condemning and stopping the armed force against the Muslim Rohingya group. Mr U Thant was a Myanmar politician, second-in-command and third Secretary-General of the United Nations.

He was a Myanmar general who directed a putsch and reigned his nation from 1962 to 1988. Composed under the pseudonym "Saki", the works of H.H. Munro, the English writer of shorts, provide a commented satire on Edvardianism. Nick Drake's songs were not a big success during his life, but his album Fruit Tree and Pink Moon have won over time.

Yangon, Myanmar Family Hotel - Winner Inn

In Myanmar, Mr. and Mrs. have different variants depending on old and old ages. Let's teach us to use Burmese by speaking to each other. It is Ma Su selling dry flowers. However, today is her vacation, so she is planning to go to the fair, see her girlfriend and go to the cafe.

Early in the mornings she goes to the fair and sees Mr. Aung with her wonderful flowers of coconuts. He is called U/U Lay/Ba Gyi by Ma Su. Aunt and Jackdaw Daw and Jackdaw Gyi - Aunt. It is called A Ko/A Ko Gyi - big sibling. Later, on her way to the couch, she meets Maung Ye, who is amusing himself about the blisters he is blowing through the stalk of the choppedleaves.

He is Maung Lay - younger sibling. In the pagoda Ma Su sees Ma Pan Pan sell the Jasmin blossoms to the Buddha. She is called back by Ma Su, Nyi Ma Lay - younger sibling. Teach yourself to understand Myanmar and address the people.

The next mile you call a taxi, call the taxi operator A Ko Gyi. The next mile you buy a flower on the damp store, call the salesman A Ma. The next timeyou see an older guy but don't know the name, talk to him polite with U or her as an aunt.

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