Myanmar People are Called

The people in Myanmar are called

Some call Myanmar citizens Myanmaris, Myanmaris or Myanmarese. The people in Myanmar named the people after their birthday in the week and not after their family. Aung San, for example, named his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi. The Rohingya people often tell similar stories: Most of Burma's population belongs to the Bamar ethnic group (also known as Burman or Myanmar).

Putting a name for the people of Burma

People in Myanmar called the people after their birthdays during the weeks and not after their families. They are Garuda (Sunday), Tiger (Monday), Lion (Tuesday), Elephant with fangs (Wednesday morning), Elephant without fangs (Wednesday afternoon), Rat (Thursday), Guinea Pig (Friday) and Dragon (Saturday). They use" gua" for people with the same positions or the same bro.

For people in higher positions, the name "u" means ancle. Females are called "Daw" in their name, i.e. nurse, grandma or granddad. Myanmar woman are named with the suffix "Daw" in their name. People in Myanmar did not use more than 100 words to name one individual, so it is simple to name many people in Myanmar by the same name.

People in Myanmar give the names of their office, career and position before or after their primary name to differentiate themselves from others.

Myanmar in Canada

Burmese, also called Bama, are the dominating people in Myanmar, formerly called Burma. Many people have had to flee Myanmar to other lands such as Canada because of abuse by the state. Myanmar people consider all Myanmar people to be Burmese, although a large proportion of those who migrate to the West belong to minority communities, many of whom have a Western European religious heritage.

We will try to concentrate on the people of Burma's Buddhism in Canada for our part. The majority of Myanmar residents are in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and other large towns. Often people from Burma came to Canada from the countryside where there was no flowing current or power. Canadians in Canada are active in trying to get the federal administration to do something about the violations of Myanmar's people.

Burmese are mostly Buddhists. Burmese have blended these buddhistic convictions with their own animist convictions (the faith that non-living things have spirits). Her animist faith revolves around intrinsically nasty ghosts called nat'. Burmese live their life appeasing the nat to be safe from all other wicked ghosts who try to upset them.

Myanmar houses often have ghost chancels and a Buddha sculpture. Like other Buddhists, the people of Burma believe that dying is not a menace to someone who has done good work. You believe that "rebirth" is defined by the good or evil acts of the past life that have been collected.

The people need to learn the Myanmar dialect and work abilities that will help them adapt to Canadians. Ask Christians to give Myanmar returnees the languages and professional abilities they need. Praying that the Myanmar Buddhists will be attained with the evangelium of Christ. These can be done by Myanmar minority groups or Canadians.

In Myanmar, you are praying for a Burmese Buddhist denominational churcheswing that will impact on the people of Myanmar.

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