Myanmar Passport Type

Burmese passport type

Business Passport PB; Dependent Passport PT; Job Passport PJ; PR Religious Passport PS; Student Passport PE;

Visit Passport PV; Diplomatic Passport PD and Official Passport PO. The diplomats will receive a blue passport. Any other citizen will receive a red passport. Change passport type & add name. " I want to go everywhere," she recently told the Myanmar Times.

Change passport type & enter name

  • The photo should be in colour and must be taken against a cream or cream backdrop. - Side or oblique viewing is not acceptable. In a full-screen mode, the photo must look directly into the photographer's eyes. Digital reproductions must be played back without recognizable pixel or dots.

Photocopies will NOT be acceptable.

Myanmar passport holders residing in the United Kingdom on an India passport

ETA e-Visa India are dual entrance visa. If this is your first arrival in India and you present ETA to the immigration officer, an e-visa stamp will appear on your passport. Up to 2 of them can be exhibited within one year. A journalist visa is required for all journalist, writer, photographer, designer and journalist, regardless of their purposes in India. e-Tourist Visa is only valid for a period of two trips per year.

Burma Visa - The Way to Mandalay!

Burma is one of the hotest new tourist destination for recreational travellers, and if you want to see this South East Asia jewel for yourself, you need a Myanmar visas! Need a Myanmar Visas? Almost every traveller needs a Myanmar Visum!

Myanmar's only visa-free travellers are from eight countries: U.S. and Canadian, Australian and EU residents require a Myanmar pre-entry permit, as do all other nations except the few mentioned above. The Myanmar Permits are needed for both commercial and touristic outings.

Tourists only have the possibility of a unique type of travel permit, which can be used for a unique journey of up to 28 nights. For their first trip to Burma, travellers must obtain a unique entrance permit, but on subsequent journeys it is permitted to obtain a multi-pass permit.

U.S. nationals travelling to Myanmar for commercial or tourist reasons have two types of visas: stamps available at the U.S. Embassy or e-visa. Cancellation is the process of obtaining a valid passport from an embassy or consular office. The passport must be submitted together with all other necessary documentation.

Sealed travel permits are available to visitors as entrance permits for a 28-day sojourn. A 28-70 leg traveler can obtain an entrance or multi-pass travel permit if they have previously travelled to Myanmar on a corporate type permit. You can travel to Myanmar with a validated travel permit wherever you want - at any international airports, checkpoints or by ship. e-Visas are on-line issued visa.

Travellers must also submit a copy of a copy of an e-mail inviting them to Myanmar and a copy of the corporate name. While it is comfortable to be able to apply on-line and not have to submit the passport books, there are some disadvantages of e-visas:

There are only entrance permits available. Long-stay travelers' multi-passvisas can be purchased only at the Embassy and Consulates of Myanmar. Myanmar can be reached by plane at one of three airport - Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Daw. You will need a validated Myanmar travel permit if you are planning to reach Myanmar by land or sea.

Visas must be paid on-line by means of a debit and/or debit cards. If you are granted a stmped or electronic visas, your visas must be used within 90 working day of issue. Would you like to have a Myanmar passport with stamp? Myanmar, like Brazil and China, is enforcing the consulate competence.

You must submit an application to the appropriate Myanmar embassy or embassy, depending on your country of domicile. Besides the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington, DC, there are Consulates General of Myanmar in New York City and Los Angeles. Myanmar's diplomatic missions are:: Myanmar is relatively easy to get a Myanmar permit.

You must apply for a validated visa: Passport. It must be duly completed, have two empty pages with the inscription "Visa" and be effective at least six month after your intended journey to Myanmar. Apply for a visum. The Myanmar Visum Antrag is several pages long and includes a "Work History" sheet. Every embassy has its own entry forms, so don't send in the false one!

Passport photographs. You must include your name, your date of origin, your time of arrival and arrival in Myanmar and your time of arrival back to the United States. Travellers must file a recommendation from their U.S. organization and a corporate notice of hospitality for a visit to Myanmar.

You will also need a copy of the trade register of the Myanmar corporation when applying to the Myanmar Consulate in New York. For multientry commercial vizas, you must complete an additional application document that confirms that you have previously been on a commercial visit to Myanmar. Have you got a question about Myanmar travel documents?

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