Myanmar Passport Requirements

Burma Passport Requirements

Myanmar Passport Authority has announced that nine types of passports in different colours will be issued to Myanmar citizens. Procedures and documents required to obtain a Myanmar (Burmese) passport and seaman's card. Are British passport holders in need of a visa to enter Myanmar? The Myanmar Citizen's Dependent (application form). A Myanmar visa is required to enter Vietnam.

For Myanmar residents, 9 different kinds of passport

Myanmar Pass Authority has declared that nine different kinds of passes will be distributed to Myanmar people. Business Pass PB; Dependent Pass PT; Job Pass PJ; PR Religious Pass PS; Student Pass PE; Visit Pass PV; Diplomatic Pass PD and Official Pass PO.

Myanmar resident can get a 10-day pass for 25,000 Ks ($25). Burghers of Myanmar in Thailand who wish to obtain passes must come to Myanmar and can obtain passes in Yangon, Mawlamyine, Pha-An and Dawe.

Burma - Apply for a Myanmar Pass

In order to request a new pass, an on-line date must first be arranged on the Embassy's website, e.g. for Singaporean people at At the time of the date, an applier must be at the embassy at 8:00 am and go to the pass counter (1) to open the file/photograph/thumbprints and sign for a new one.

Properly completed new pass request form and payment of personal tax filed by claimants who have already obtained the queue number to request a new pass will be checked at Counter 1 between 08:00 and 13:00. Persons requesting an Employmentpassport must present a "letter of nomination from abroad" from the Ministry of Immigration and Population, office building ( 48).

A first one, known as a "temporary passport", can be purchased in Bangkok for about THB15K, which includes a 2-year entry visas with the standard 90-day boundary jump. However, this pass is only issued for trips between Thailand and Myanmar and must be issued with a work permits (issued after the pass itself) if the pass owner wants to go back to Thailand.

Burma's pass, or Myanmar Pass, is the pass granted to Burma's residents and residents (officially referred to as "the Republic of the Union of Myanmar"). There are three guys currently being published by the Ministry of the Interior.

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