Myanmar Passport Requirements

Burma Passport Requirements

Myanmar citizens resident in the United Kingdom. The application procedures at Myanmar embassies in different countries vary slightly. A Myanmar pet passport for a cat or dog should include an import permit, a rabies vaccination certificate and a recognised veterinary certificate. A passport - The actual passport of the applicant. You have two options to apply for a business visa to Myanmar:.

Myanmar: Proceedings and documentation necessary to obtain a (Burmese) Myanmar passport and seaman's licence. If a person who has escaped or left the army and is wanted by the army can get a passport or a seaman's permit. No matter whether people who have escaped or left the army are prevented from becoming sailors or getting a passport.

Burma provides various kinds of passport, such as a passport for businesses, a passport for temporary stays, an employer passport, a passport for temporary stays and a passport for relatives (Myanmar n.d.). Applicants for a passport must present corporate documentation and corresponding permits; applications for an Employment Passport must submit an "Appointment Certificate from Abroad" (ibid.).

The Myanmar authorities website requires that, in order to obtain a brief passport, the applicant submits a copy of an inviting document from a relative working abroad, a copy of their income statement, a copy of their close relative and a copy of the passport of the individual who solicited them.

In the case of an official notice of invitations from someone who has relinquished Myanmar nationality and has become a national of another state, "the notice of invitations must be confirmed by the Myanmar message concerned" (ibid.). According to the website, anyone looking for a passport must also file their request in persons; however, anyone who is "old" or ill can give power of attorney (ibid.).

Anyone who makes mistakes in entering their own data, whether typing mistakes or inaccurate data, will be fined and their use will be deferred (ibid.). As soon as the request is accepted, the requestor must repay 5,000 Kyat (ibid.), which is CAD 881 at the current foreign currency rates (XE. com 16 Apr. 2007).

A Myanmar embassy in the United States, however, said that visa seekers only have to contribute $167 to the renewal of their passports and $300 to obtain a new passport, whether they are in the United States or abroad (April 10, 2007). It is noteworthy that the formal currency rates and the markets for the Republic of Myanmar are very different (Travel Myanmar n.d.).

Accordant to the official website, the passport request will then be handled and subjected to a safety check (Myanmar n.d.). The website says it will take 45 working day to complete a passport request (Myanmar n.d.). The embassy official said, however, that the passes will be ready within a few working hours (Myanmar, 10 April 2007).

He said that anyone who could not show that he had already payed his tax with the necessary documentation would not receive a passport (ibid.). Myanmar Times reported that the Myanmar authorities have tried to enhance marine safety by implementing the use of eID s for seamen (26 April - 2 May 2004).

It contains a computer microchip with the owners' details (Myanmar Times 26 Apr. - 2 May 2004). A RD Asian Representative, with 12 years of Myanmar/Burma HR expertise, commentated on the issue of desertion in a phone conversation with the Research Directorate on 16 April 2007.

She has made site trips to meet organisations working with former troops who have fled to Thailand (RD 16 Apr. 2007). Canadian Friends of Burma's (CFOB) Program Director also said that it was a serious offense to leave the armed forces and that those who fled the armed forces would therefore "never dare to request a passport or ID card" (April 16, 2007).

In his opinion, it is not possible for defence deserter to obtain formal identification after they leave the armies (CFOB 16.04.2007). It explained that ex-soldiers can be seen as a greater menace to the administration because of their civilian education than pro-democracy militants because the administration is afraid of an armist opposit.

An adviser to the Irish Centre for Humane Right and the International Institute for Criminal Investigation in The Hague, which is in the process of investigating and analysing the injuries committed in Burma, commenting on the Armed Forces defectors in agreement with the Research Directorate (19 April 2007). Prior to this, the advisor researched for two years in Myanmar, Burma, and conducted an expanded education in the east of the county (UK 13 Apr. 2007).

The counselor also conducted "legally briefed research" on Burma's violation of people' s rights for three years and prepared a detailed account that attracted international attention (ibid.). He pointed out that the deserter was "in great danger" and that if those who fled to Thailand returned, "they would certainly be detained and tortured" (April 19, 2007; see also KHRG April 26, 2006; HRW Oct 2002, 162).

According to Human Rights Watch, it is "extremely difficult" for troops to abandon the armed force, and adds that most troops must stay in the armed force into old age now ((Oct. 2002). The HRW also reported that troops leaving the Myanmar military are detained, incarcerated and returned to the military when found (HRW Oct 2002, 162; KHRG 26 Apr. 2006).

The desertioners are sometimes hanged, according to reports from an HRW interview on children in Burma (HRW Oct. 2002, 162). Similarly, various reports of cases of deserter being killed by the Armed Forces (Alternative ASEAN Feb. 2007, 2; Narinjara July 12, 2006; Burmanet October 19, 2005).

A Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) review, penned by local KHRG scholars, summarises the interview with children who allegedly have been serving in Myanmar's military (26.04.2006, 3). There was a testimony from a childsoldier who made the following declaration. Coalition to Stop the Use of Children Solders - a charitable organisation established in London - says it was privately informed by its source that children who tried to flee the armed forces were tied up, beat and detained (16 January 2004).

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