Myanmar Passport Renewal Application Form Download

Download Myanmar Passport Renewal Application

An application form (click here to download). You can download fit forms from the Passport Canada website. Burma Stage 1: Collect the following documentation according to the purposes of your trip: You can use this feature to prevent errors or delay. Notify you when there is information that needs to be rectified or when there is a lack of documentation, and our skilled and qualified staff will verify your scanning and verify that your application is approved for submission.

Please see charges below. Stage 3: Submit or submit all your document for editing to the below address: Forwarding expenses: Forwarding expenses: Pickup and drop-off charges differ by destination. Do you have any queries about the charges? Please enclose our handling charge and refund or a filled out freight invoice. Failure to pay in full, complete requests or documentation and an incorrect request form will result in a time lag in handling your request.

Once we have received your application and commence work on it, the servicing fee is non-refundable. Because of the high application volumes, handling time may be slow. Whilst such circumstances are beyond our reasonable discretion, we will do everything to arrange accommodation for your journey and call you immediately to inform you of the state of your application, the charges for the services will not be reimbursed.

A multi-pass visa is a 3, 6 or 12 month application. They must have at least one Myanmar prior approval in order to be eligible. The issuance of permits is at the embassy's sole option.

Pass Services

Passports are only available from the Embassy of Canada, Bangkok. The Consulate in Chiang Mai, the Embassy Office in Cambodia, the Office of the Embassy of Canada in Laos and the Embassy of Canada in Burma (Myanmar) can, however, offer notary public assistance in connection with passport issues if necessary.

Please be aware that the Embassy of Canada, Bangkok, offers passport and nationality to all Canadians living or traveling in Burma (Myanmar). Passports can be applied for in the consular section in Bangkok during opening times from 9:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

Or you can send your full application to:: Download fit sheets from the Passport Canada website. We kindly ask you to thoroughly review the following paragraphs and the registration form to make sure you have fulfilled all the prerequisites for effective services. A passport application is processed 20 working day after receipt of the required application form, receipts and charges.

The 36-page passport is for either five or ten years. Passes are granted for a period not exceeding 5 years. Requests for renewal are generally received within 12 month of expiration or when all pages are full. Please note: Many Asian nations need a passport that must be in force at least 6 month after entering or expected to leave that state.

When you plan to transit during the last six to eight month of the passport's expiry date, you should make sure that the expiry date is long enough to allow you to enter your target state. Persons over 16 years of age who request a national passport and are considered for a simple extension must:

Fill in the application form and obey the directions. 16-year-olds and over who apply for a national passport but are not considered for a simplified extension: Fill in the application form and obey the directions. When an application for a national passport is filed for a minor under 16 years of age you are required to do so:

Fill in the application form and obey the directions. In the event that your passport is missing or was taken, you must immediately notify your local passport issuance point. You must notify the next policing unit and obtain a detail of your identity for each lost/stolen passport. We will ask you to file the initial policing reports in order to assist your application.

Once the lost/stolen passport has been reported to our offices or the operations management and the local policemen, you can start to prepare an application form for the issue of a new passport if you need to make a journey. An individual requesting compensation for a loss, theft, inaccess, damage or discovery of a Canada passport:

Fill in the application form and obey the directions. Please note: If you do not have your own documentary evidence of naturalization (a native Canadian native naturalization record or a naturalization record for non-Canadian-born applicants), a member of your immediate Canadian passport office or Canadian foreign office (with your record number) may receive the form from a member of your immediate relative or boyfriend on your name.

For more information on the passport photograph, please refer to the manual.

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