Myanmar Passport Photo

Burma passport photo

I'm travelling from Myanmar to Vietnam and need two passport photos. Simply get photos in the same size as those in your passport. Does anyone know what the desired photo dimension is? Photo service in our offices. A list of the passport and visa photo services we offer.

Myanmar(Burma) passport and visa photos

From passport, visas and ID photographs in any spec, request or format - just e-mail us a photo and we'll mail it to you! Order your Myanmar passport, visas and ID photographs on-line. Please submit a photo and use PayPal to make your payment using the order page on the links.

Don't be alarmed - if the photo you are sending us does not meet your requirements, we will e-mail you to ask for a new photo. All orders are shipped from our London studio within 24h. When you need a scaled-down image for an Myanmar on-line visas or passport applications, please submit your photo using the Myanmar on-line order and billing forms and we will scale it down for you and return it by e-mail.

When you are in London, you are welcome to come by our Camden High Street Studios and have your passport and your photo taken by an expert. When you really want to do your best for your Myanmar passport and visas, consider a marvellous passport photo-shooting.

If you think we can help you with your Myanmar passport, your Myanmar passport, your passport and your photo, please do not hesistate to do so.

Which photo sizes

I' ve had a lot of Myanmar travelling experiences - I've been there 5 years. This is a great travelling adventure! Visit my website at for the next Myanmar trip in January and some great pictures. You' ll need passport-sized photographs for your visas.

The Myanmar tour operators recommend that you have a valid Myanmar transit permit before arriving in Yangon, although they are now granting VOA to prevent delays and difficulties and to ensure that your arrival is seamless and accessio. It' s simple to apply for a visit and it is rewarding to plan ahead.

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