Myanmar Passport Office

Burma Passport Office

In addition to a new passport, you will need an appointment at the passport office to apply for an emergency passport. Almost every traveller needs a visa to visit Myanmar! Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar and Laos. Where it is rejected, the Office shall reply only to the rejection but without giving any reasons. For Myanmar passport holders to know the visa-free countries.

Latest Feds - Burma opens new passport offices across the nation

Myanmar nationals can now obtain and obtain a passport directly at 15 sites across the state. In the past, the land had only one passport office in Rangoon. On Friday last Friday, the federal administration opened new passport bureaus as more and more petitioners needed the paper for professional or health care purposes, says Maung Maung Maung Lin, a Myanmar Passport Issuing Board policeman headquartered in Mon State.

In the past year, the German authorities began to tighten up the visa request procedure and reduce the wait time from 21 to 10 working hours for obtaining a passport. The request form was compressed from 14 pages to five pages, while the applicant no longer had to provide documentation showing that they had fully settled their sums.

Under the new states and division office, petitioners are paying 20,000 Kyat ($20) in Rangoon for a passport and 25,000 Kyat ($25) at other sites for additional overhead. A passport is a five-year passport that can be obtained within three to five working day periods in certain cases, such as an emergency health situation.

However, former inmates, as well as policymakers, must provide extra documentation and may be subject to longer waits, a high-ranking Myanmar Passport Issuing Board officer said to the Irrawaddy last year. A group that is likely to profit from the new passport service are Myanmar nationals who want to go abroad as migrants, says Tun Lwin, a migrants' right-worker.

"Once they have a passport in their hands, the trial will no longer be costly," he said. However, he added that it might still be a good option to come to Rangoon before you leave to make use of formal recruitment services that can help with legitimate recruitment abroad.

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