Myanmar Passport number

Burma passport number

Do I need to insert spaces and hyphens when entering my passport number? No, you have to travel with this letter because without it you cannot even board your flight to Myanmar. Only a limited number of nationalities have access to it. State the type of visa and the number of entries required. A number of visa options are available for people wishing to enter Australia.

Myanmar Passport and Visa Information

Do I need an entrance visas to the Union of Myanmar (Burma)? Everybody needs a visas. You have two kinds of visas. This is the e-visa option that can be organised on-line upon arrival in Myanmar at Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw airport. You can also obtain the travel packages visas (EVT) from the Embassy of Myanmar in London and other consulates around the world.

For how long is a visas validity? This is a simple entrance visas that allows you to stay 28 nights from the date of your planned arrival in Myanmar. Your Myanmar citizenship visas are not required until 3 month after your arrival, as they expire 3 month after entering your country.

What kind of visas should I get? When you arrive by plane at one of Myanmar's 3 airport (Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw) or by road (Tachileik / Mae Sai, Myawaddy / Mae Sot and Kawthaung / Ranong), we suggest the e-Visa. It' a very simple system and your written confirmation of your visas will be sent to you by e-mail approximately one weeks after your request.

It is necessary to take this note because without it you will not even be able to take your Myanmar trip. Click here for more information on the Myanmar Immigration Department website. If you arrive by road at a different place or at a different maritime frontier, you would prefer to use the flat-rate tourist visas (EVT).

You will receive the necessary EVT certificate to obtain your visas. You will receive your regular visas within 5 working day, preferably at least 4 week to prevent any problem, especially if you send your residency card to the Swiss Federal Foreign Office or return it by air. Please make sure that you use registered or non-registered mail.

If you wish to receive your EVT in this way, please let us know so that we can send you your EVT document before you visit the Swiss Federal Office or submit your request. What does it costs & what is needed? 20.00 in UK if you visit the Ambassador in person.

A £6.00 surcharge per passenger will be charged for the return of your UK travelcard. When sending your pass by mail to the Myanmar Consulate, you must make payment by money order (payable to the Myanmar Consulate). They must fill out the Visumantragformular and 2 current Passfotos make available.

In order to obtain the travel packages visas, you will also need an EVT-certificate. You will receive this approximately two month before your arrival.

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