Myanmar Passport Application Form

Burma Passport Application Form

METANMAR VISA application form - Enclosed. An incomplete payment, incomplete applications or documents and an incorrect application form will result in a delay in processing your application. When you send your passport by post to the Embassy, you must pay by postal money order (payable to the Embassy of Myanmar). A visa application form, plus a copy, including the attached work history form. Fill out the Myanmar Passport application form, download it blank or edit it online.

Myanmar passport holders residing in the United Kingdom on a China passport

Passport. Genuine, autographed Myanmar passport. The passport must be still at least 6 month effective on the day of journey and must have at least one page free of marks. Passport photo: Evidence of state. Genuine ILR or any other evidence of residence permit in the UK, which should be effective more than 6 month after your arrival from China.

The number of visits to your country depends on your route. Multiples Entrance Letters. When more than one person is required, a written document must be written in detail to explain exactly why the multiple-entry visas are required. It is entirely up to the Chinese Embassy to decide whether to issue or refuse multiple-entry visas to China.

When you visit your boyfriends or your relatives, you must present a welcome note from your Chinese home. To be sent to "The Chinese Embassy in London" and must be duly authorised by the applicant's name. In addition, you must prove the hosting country's state.

Obtaining a passport

When you cannot or do not want to submit your application on-line, our How to Apply for a Passport Guide will guide you through every stage of your Irish passport application. When you are located in Thailand, you must use an GSP2E application form. When you are normally residing in Thailand, you must submit an application through the Irish Embassy in Bangkok or the Honorary Consulate in Phuket and not through Ireland or any other embassy using an APS2 form.

In Myanmar, you must also use an application form for GSP2E. An APS2 application form filled out and certified. On the " Application forms " page you will find information on how to obtain a form. A long form baby born. It must be available for everyone under 18 years of age and for grown-ups if you have dropped your passport or if you apply for your first passport.

Supplementary documentation for first and/or missing passport requests. When you apply for an Irish passport for the first reason or have forgotten your passport, you must provide the following information: If you have altered your last name, your full name, your full name, your full name, your last name, your last name, your original wedding license and your family name. In case these are not in German or Icelandic, you must also provide a sworn copy in German of the source text that has been interpreted by a licensed translation.

An authenticated copy of your photographic ID, such as your driving license, or the copy of your passport from another national or university ID. It can be authenticated by the individual who is a witness to your application form. This is an authentic copy of your name, such as a salary statement, enrolment letter or certificate of insurance.

This is an authentic copy of your postal code, such as an electricity bill, a current account card or formal communication from a government or not. Your parents Irish nationality's matrimonial record and, if any, the register of your parents. In case the documents are not in German, you must provide a sworn copy of the source text which has been interpreted by a licensed translation.

You will need it if none of your folks were Irish nationals but you can get Irish nationality through parentage: And if you're a naturalized Irish citizen, you're gonna need it: You have your authentic naturalization deed. For more information on this certification, see the section Nationality. If you have altered your last name, your full name, your full name, your full name, your last name, your last name, your original wedding license and your family name.

In case the document of delivery is not in German, you must also send us sworn copies of the documents as well. These have been interpreted by a licensed interpreter. Expatriate and adopted under Ireland law: Confirmation of the registration of Ireland's adoption authority in the Register of Foreign Adoptions. If you have altered your last name, your initial registration deed.

Evidence that your adopted child was an Irishman at the date of your adoptions, such as a passport or not. You have your wedding certification. If you have altered your last name, your full name, your full name, your full name, your last name, your last name, your original wedding license and your family name. We kindly ask you to thoroughly review the photographic policies attached to the application form.

If your photo does not meet the requirement, it will be refused and may cause a postponement in the issuance of your new passport. Which are the passport photo regulations? We recommend that you take monochrome pictures because they are imprinted on your passport in digital form in monochrome. We kindly ask you to carefully review all the information that accompanies the application form in order to obtain details of the documentation needed in your particular case.

Anyone in any of the occupations below can see your passport application as long as they are happy with your ID and your four photographs are a real image of you. Subscribe section 8 of the form in the custody of the depositor. Anyone over the age of seven must subscribe to their own form.

The application form is only effective for six month from the date your voucher signed Section 9. Anyone under the ages of 18 must have parent/guardian approval to obtain a passport, and this approval must be attested to. Exceptions are when the candidate is mature.

When your passport has been misplaced, robbed or tampered with, you must do so: Let it be testified and signed by the same individual who was a witness to Section 9 of your application. In the event that you loose two or more passes, the expiry date of your next pass may be limited and it may not be possible to obtain your passport in less than 10 working nights.

Never attempt to use a passport that has been declared missing or misappropriated. Fees depend on the kind of passport you are applying for: Requests from Myanmar, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office to receive the banking information for the payment. It' very important to keep a log of your application number, as without it you will not be able to follow your passport application.

There is a peel-off label with the number on the back of the application.

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