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The applicant must be released by the police. Application form for entry visas: In the past, issuing and renewing passports was bureaucratic and corrupt, while many applications were arbitrarily rejected. Visa application requirements, Government of Botswana. Anyone in Burma, including minors who apply for a U.S.

passport, must attend the embassy in person to apply.

Civic services in Myanmar

Myanmar Embassy in Canberra is happy to inform all Myanmar residents in Australia and New Zealand that the following local authorities are available: Treatments: We strongly recommend that you adhere to the instructions when photographing a passport. This manual can be viewed or download in PDF file form.

Consulate General of the Republic of Myanmar, Los Angeles, USA

  • The photo should be in colour and must be taken against a cream or cream backdrop. - Side or oblique viewing is not acceptable. In a full-screen mode, the photo must look directly into the photographer's eyes. Digital reproductions must be played back without recognizable pixel or dots.

Photocopies will NOT be acceptable.

Burghers of Myanmar are now entitled to five-year passes.

The Myanmar Pass Holder has applauded the Myanmar Pass Issuing Board's move to prolong the period of application of the new passes from three to five years. Myanmar's residents applying for passes as of November 1 will be issued five-year passes, said Police Major Soe Tun Aung, Speaker of the Co-ordinator. "There are no additional costs for longer valid passes.

We have prolonged the expiry because Myanmar card holder said that they have regular difficulty getting a permit when it is only valid for three years," he said. In the past, Myanmar residents had to reissue their passports every two and a half years, as most of them required a minimum of six month to obtain a valid permit, making it hard for expatriates.

"Now they only have to change their passports every four and a half years to make it more comfortable for them," he said. There are seven kinds of passports granted by the board: visits, religion, work, students, relatives, seafarers and businessmen. In order to obtain a new pass or replace an old one, the applicant only has to stay one full working full working week at the immigration authority to receive a voucher and can receive the pass after 21 of them.

Prior to 2011, the bidding up to a weeks and many relied on the payment of a realtor instead of doing it themselves. "I am really glad to learn about this amendment, because we have spent a great deal of our lives renewing our passports every two and a half years. It takes most of them at least six month in their passports[to get a visa], which is hard for us and we had to hurry back then.

It would be better if the passes were 10 years old and you could submit your application on-line. Pol Maj Soe Tun Aung said, however, that this was unlikely in Myanmar, as most ASEAN nations were in force for about five years when it came to the issue of them.

"Most ASEAN countries give their citizens at least five years, and now we are following them," he said. It said that Myanmar's urban laborers had to mail their passes to Saudi Arabian or Kuwait consulates every two and a half years, which was a considerable amount of work and expense.

"It used to take about a month and a half or two to get a new pass.... I think this is very good for us," she said. Since the introduction of the ePassport in 2010, around 200,000 passes have been granted, according to the Pass Issuing Board.

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