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Please note that if you hold a Myanmar passport, you must apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Photographic dimension for passport application - Myanmar Message Board I' m planning to get a visas in Bangkok. Does anyone know what the desired photographic dimensions are? Fitting sizes. At the Myanmar Consulate in Beijing I sent 48mm x 33mm photographs and they were taken without any problem.

They are not rigorous in this respect, and the spy in the message did not tell me that there is a particular demand on the image area.

You' re the one who said it had to be a Caucasian. At Kuala Lumpur I was informed that the picture must be 4cm x 6cm and has a blank backdrop and 2 pictures were needed. After applying for a permit in Bangkok today, I can reply to myself. The dimension is 2 inch x 2 inch.

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In case your passport or ID gets mislaid or gets robbed during your stay in Myanmar and you want to request a new passport, ID or a Laissez passport, please consult the Netherlands Embassy or the consular authorities. Has your passport or ID got misplaced or stole? Your local consular office or diplomatic office can help you to request a provisional or a full-time passport or ID for you.

Please get in touch with the local diplomatic mission or the local diplomatic missions. When you apply for a new passport, emergencies or passports, take the following with you to the Swiss Federal Foreign Office or Consulate: a filled out application sheet; a filled out statement that the passport has been mislaid; if possible: other identification papers or copies of them; if possible:

photocopies of your passport or ID document that has been misplaced or stole; 2 photographs (1 compulsory and 1 replacement) that comply with Netherlands passport photo standards; if possible: a policing certificate showing that your passport or ID document has been misplaced or stole; evidence that you cannot postpone your trip or that you are a traveler; travel onward ticket if you are traveling by air, rail or sea.

In the event that the missing or missing documents belong to a minor under 18 years of age, take evidence of the permission of the child's parents or guardians and a photocopy of the parent/parents' or guardians' passport. The issuance of an accident management or Laissez passport usually lasts 2 to 3 working day. The application for a new passport usually lasts 4 week.

When you find your missing or missing passport, please return it to the Swiss Federal Foreign Office or Swiss Federal Foreign Office. Your old documents can no longer be used. What does an accident management certificate costs? The costs for the application for an urgent trip card can be found in the survey of consumption charges.

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