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The controversial census in Myanmar has sparked ethnic tensions at a critical moment in the peace process. The Bagan (Pagan), a region in central Myanmar near the Ayeyarwady, is the most important architectural place in Myanmar. Myanmar currently has no national network infrastructure for research and development - it was WikiProject Burma (Myanmar). The regulatory environment in Myanmar has changed very quickly.


Over 700,000 Rohingya escapees from violent Myanmar armed conflicts are trapped in Bangladesh, where a return to Myanmar is unlikely and Bangladesh's good will is being put to the test. Myanmar needs to give foreign affiliates entry to North Rakhine State. Benefactors in Bangladesh must help both the displaced people and their families. Rohingya Muslims' massive exodus from the state of Rakhine in Myanmar has caused a human disaster and serious threats to safety, involving possible cross-border militias.

It is important that the multinational fellowship urge the Myanmar authorities to put into practice the Annan Commission's suggestions as a matter of urgency, also with regard to discriminatory practices, apartheid and nationalism. Myanmar's failed to tackle the Rohingya crises has led to mass expulsion from the state of Rakhine. It is a clear danger to Myanmar's democratisation process. Since 25 August, the force that has forced 270,000 Rohingya civilists across Myanmar's borders into Bangladesh has not only caused a human disaster.

In Myanmar, there is an increase in extremist Buddhist nationalistic attitudes such as hatred speeches and force. Instead of imposing invalid prohibitions on broad-based groups such as the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion (MaBaTha), the regime should tackle the root causes and reshape the Buddhist discussion of its place in the world.

When the Rohingya rebels attacked twelve Myanmar troops and civil servants and perhaps 77 of them, it was a serious and escalating ten months of crises. It makes the application of this week's recommendation to deal with Rohingya complaints from Kofi Annan's advisory commission more difficult and pressing.


Myanmar's daily schedule includes improving the safety and governance of its waters, combined with better landmanagement, as the nation makes another important step forward after years of insulation. CEPF has published a call for tenders for small-scale development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and parts of southern China.

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