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An entry stamp page is required. mmREN status in Myanmar. Cycling in Myanmar is an experience like no other, with the sparkling waters of Inle Lake, the stilt houses and floating gardens on the water. Aid's headquarters in the UK and INGO networks in Myanmar and beyond. It is Myanmar's biggest annual water battle!

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The Facebook page'Live Laugh Love Care' connects individuals with mental health problems to professionals and offers them the chance for free forums. Myanmar Times, Nyo Lei Yee, creator of the Facebook page'Live Laugh Love Care', said that many viewers of her page suffer from bi-polar disorders whose manifestations are anxiety and anomalies.

She added that some want to stay in communication with the community and others want to stay out of it. Since it opened in June 2017, the site has over 300 customers, some in Myanmar and others abroad. Kyi Pe Linn, M. D., M. D., Professor and one of Laugh Love Care's frequent counseling professionals, said: "Conversations on the telephone or through news are not published.... and conversations made through news boxes are kept as sensitive medical files by the psychiatrist.

There is a helpline on the site which provides advice every Sunday from 20:00 to 22:30 and every evening from 21:00 to 23:00 via the messaging area. There are two physicians who specialize in mental health to respond to the deluge of news published on the site about mental health problems and depressives.

Heal the World CEO Thiri Nay Win underlined the need to further enhance the Myanmar psychiatric system. Said that some psychiatric issues and psychiatric disturbances are in their early stages and can only be resolved through counseling, but because of myanmar's myanmar's social stigmatization, discriminatory attitudes and poor understanding of psychic illness es, those afflicted with psychiatric disturbances decide to live in stillness instead of being described as crazy or stupid.

Sheal the World Myanmar is a non-governmental organization that provides education, counseling, awareness raising and psycho-social work. Only two psychiatric clinics in the county, one in Yangon and the other in Mandalay. Yangon based Yangon based Psychiatric Hospital has seen a significant increase in the number of people treated in five years, from 18,922 in 2013 to 30,100 in 2017.

Myanmar's Ministry of Sports and Public Hospitals has worked with Myanmar's Ministry of Sports and Public Hospitals to review the Ministry's Ministry of Hospitals' Minds. Burma has a psychological healthcare strategy enshrined in its national healthcare policies paper. In 1995 the country's psychological healthcare policies were overhauled. It was last reviewed in 2006 and is currently being enforced by the state.

The Lunacy Act was passed in 1912, but a new Act on Psychic Heath has been under debate in the legislature since 2013.

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