Myanmar Orphanage Yangon

Yangon Myanmar Orphanage

The Sunrise Home Youth Development Center is located on the outskirts of Yangon. Myanmar - Myanmar - New Life It is the country's most ethnic rich town, home to many Indians, South Asians and Chinese. This is Myanmar's trading centre, which accounts for more than 80% of the country's external transactions. Though Yangon's inner cities are full of skyscrapers and business premises, there are heavily depleted municipalities on the periphery of the town.

Burma is a land plagued by ethnical and civic rebellion since gaining freedom in 1948. Its effects are still being seen today as Myanmar has fought to keep inner tranquillity, which has led to major problems. Kids are suffering a lot. Of the 1. 3 million babies who have been borne in Myanmar, UNICEF reported that 92,500 will not reach their first anniversary and 138,000 will not reach five years of age.

In addition, an additional 14,000 HIV/AIDS cases are expected to have been reported, with 43,000 orphans. Yangon is a haven for Yangon kids in New Life Myanmar. The New Life Myanmar is situated in the Yangon town, which has more than four million inhabitants. For this reason, many of the New Life Myanmar orphans have been sent to an orphanage because of the recent economic crises.

Though some of the kids here have just one of them missing, the other one was often not able to care for the child's needs and therefore gave up their parenting responsibilities to maintain their own lives and the child's one. Service Orphans Worldwide will travel to every orphanage we work with to make sure that the needs are justified and 100% of the money allocated is used for the children's living.

Problems have been detected by kids who have encountered or escape these battles in their area. In Myanmar, many of our kids have both of their families killed by the HIV/AIDS outbreak. Without a home, the exploitation of babies is even more frequent. Myanmar's poor situation is the product of many years of armed conflict.

Though once wealthy, Myanmar has been one of the worlds impoverished nations since 2001. Due to the high level of child support, often families are unable to look after their own child and are therefore unable to abandon them. Myanmar New Life has also taken in handicapped people.

According to UNICEF estimations, almost 10,000 HIV-positive mothers become pregant in Myanmar every year and about 3,000-4,000 are born. Innumerable others have been abandoned by the sickness. Myanmar New Life is currently renting a home for its kids. Almost half of the kids also need bed linen and bed mats.

Remember to help us to further promote this precious service among Myanmar's weakest people. New Life's kids enjoy a nutritious food three meals a daily and are fit and well nourished. If necessary, the kids receive health care. A number of infants have come into a new life ill, but are being cured.

Healthcare expenses are still necessary to make sure other kids stay free of disease. New Life's leaders want their kids to become men and woman who worship God. The New Life report that their kids like to go to the Church and develop a love for God.

New Life's kids go to a local community college and walk 20 kilometres or almost 12 leagues to them. A pupil with particular needs is well looked after by a teacher who comes to the house.

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