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The popular temples in Siam Reap? I' ve been quite impressed with what Cambodia has to offer, but Myanmar is the better place. Hello everyone, I will have a little more than a week between Christmas and New Year. I'm thinking of going to either Myanmar or Laos. Apostolic visit of Pope Francis to Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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Burma or Thailand? I have never used agencies to organize my travels, except for one where I had to have a guidebook with me all the way because of the area and the limitations, but I did arrange the itineraries.

They can either book your arrival for in-house e-mail travel or simply book next days coach ticket with an agent in the city, even if you can't take care of it, your guest house or your accommodation will make the arrangements for you. Guest houses act as intermediaries here, they can do anything for you; guidance, hiking, all kinds of boat, coach, airplane and more.

It' just enough to go in an agent & size it out yourself, but if you have this facility available to you, you can use it as well.

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Burma or Cambodia? Burma or Cambodia? Burma or Cambodia? Every year we go to Cambodia, this year in June for two whole days to Myanmar with a one-week stay in Kampot/Cambodia. I can' t really say what is best, but maybe Cambodia because of ATMS and friendliness touring!

Burma or Cambodia? I' ve been to Cambodia eight and Myanmar twice. EXCEPT - Myanmar lodging and transportation is 2~3 time as much as Cambodia. {\a6} (except for the city busses ) The lowest priced guest houses are now $20 or so now, in comparison to $6 rooms in Cambodia..... The Cambodia has many cash machines that work.

Only the first few Myanmar gets. I' ve never used an ATM in Myanmar (or Cambodia either!). It' much more secure than Cambodia, with small-time criminality virtually unknown. Myanmar, if you have three whole week and a lot of cash, I'd suggest it. Burma or Cambodia?

So how many working nights would you suggest I stay there? Burma or Cambodia? The rooms in Myanmar were much more pricey and difficult to find, but everything else was similar in terms of prices. A travelling guide will help. Myanmar has more to offer and is more interesting to me. But the Cambodians are also great.

Obtaining a Myanmar permit can be a problem, but for Cambodia most nations can get it for $20 on your flight. It is certainly better organised for tourists, which is not always a good thing. Now if you want to see Myanmar. When you are concerned that you are getting tired of visiting a temple, you will probably interrupt your journey after a while with walking or taking a walk on a stream or sea.

Burma or Cambodia? These are travelogues from my first journey to Myanmar (16 days) covering all the popular touristic areas and then some (I don't spend my free day in the pool or on holiday when I read books!). Burma or Cambodia? As they control supply through price, they are becoming increasingly costly.

I would consider Vietnam if you have 3 week for your first journey to the Far East, perhaps with a fast flight to Cambodia. Also, the humans are extremely lucky and inviting. When we went to Cambodia, I admit that they were much less open-minded than Vietnam, but I am sure this is due to the recent experiences of Pol Pot and his Nazi outfits.

Burma or Cambodia? We' ve just done both in a two-week journey, but we've never tried to get it all covered. Burma or Cambodia? Burma or Cambodia? Burma or Cambodia? What would be my most precious journey if I only had four nights in Myanmar?

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