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One of only five hundred travellers a year to explore the foothills of the Himalayas or relax on a tropical palm-fringed beach. There are four main language families in Myanmar: This study finds that agricultural productivity in Myanmar is low. Insecure abortion is the third leading cause of maternal mortality in Myanmar, where abortion is only legal to save women's lives. The ruins on a small island, which can only be reached by boat, show you the land that was.

Does the Myanmar community misunderstand?

Myanmar is causing a particularly sorrowful fall in the campfire of liberals. Two years ago, the country was hailed as a country long dark ened and emerging from violent war. It had been drawn as a competition between good and bad, in which not only the Myanmarites, but also much of the democracy felt they had a part to play.

Mrs Suu Kyi's emancipatory power on the world scene has only been surpassed by that of the Dalai Lama. But unlike Tibet, Myanmar experienced a fairy-tale ending with the first real choice that even outside parties could have felt involved in. These include occidental regimes that had kept up the pressures on the Generals, campaigns for Don's from the high desks at Oxford, where Mrs Suu Kyi had eaten on happy occasions, and alien reporters who had been smuggling libertarian readings on Mrs Suu Kyi in her most bleak years.

How does one feel about the land today? Over the last two month alone, 600,000 Muslim Rohingyas have escaped their houses in the state of Rakhine and carried stories of barbarism to the poor refugees across the Bangladesh frontier; flags of smokes are marking the towns from which they were expelled. However, this is certainly one of the greatest cases of refugees and racial purges since the Second Worlde.

That' s fierce enough, and the involvement of the armed forces and the policemen is frightening. However, for the many embassies, helpers and, indeed, international reporters, for whom contacts with the land and its inhabitants have been a long and enchanting story of charity, there is another scare. Yangon, the trading capitol, is a place where old Myanmar buddies, who have long had an open, honest view of almost every subject, have locked their mind to the Rohingyas.

There are some who hold responsible an evil group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, whose assault on policemen at the end of August was the excuse for this latest and greatest anti-Rohingya pogrom. However, the group is made up of only a few dozens of poorly educated enlisted men who have been radicalized by years of persecuting the stateless Rohingyas.

The" Bengals", they say (not even the Rohingyas with their own name), breed so quickly that they overrun the area. Moreover, they do not even own Myanmar. The most serious thing, of course, is that Mrs Suu Kyi, the former proponent of the repressed, has refused to convict the Rakhine troops, policemen and Buddhist jingoists who raped, murdered and evicted them.

Suu Kyi has opted for Falcon Advisors - ex-Army guys with a suspect look at the outside wide agape. It would hardly help those near a dirty land. And, as one of the observers says, the bank system is only a rumor away from collapsing. There is another major upheaval in the dozen boiling or freezing clashes between other races and the military, some of which go back seventy years.

Suu Kyi's lust for power has only damaged a "peace process" with armed groups, which she once pledged to carry out. Despite all her ethical strength and frustration, she is not Myanmar's cue. Myanmar, he claims, is a land that has been shattered by 20 years of penalties, 30 years of self-isolation and 50 years of authoritarianism, let alone more than a hundred years of UK domination, in which the empire has been torn from the hearts of the people.

It is a shattered state in which the military is still rooted in essential parts. But if it blamed the Rohingyas on the military, it would be an admission to two separate states. Hate for Rohingyas is caused by sulphurous propoganda that is distributed via Facebook. Then, even with all the global politics, in a land that has hungered so long for healthcare, training, infrastructure and administration, it has always been a great task to plan and do good things.

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