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"'Today's youth will inherit Myanmar. It is only by participating in the peace dialogue now that young people can prepare themselves to become future leaders of the country. Prome and Pegu in Lower Burma remained defiant. Discover the best of Myanmar, known as "The Golden Land", on this enchanting river cruise along the Irrawaddy River. Only IOSA operator in Myanmar.


Surrounded by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, Myanmar is littered with gold coupons and greetings. Its position between China and India has strongly affected its civilization by mixing the two with both of Myanmar traditions and Buddhist convictions to form a truly original way of being. Explore colonial-style Yangon stuffed with the scent of standing spice along the roads and the famed Shwedagon Pagoda.

Drive to Bagan, home of a tradition of living, to listen the friars sing at sunrise, and Inle Lake to explore the famed fisherman and exceptional swimming market. Catch a bird's eye perspective of the busy roads of Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town on the shores of the Ayeyarwady River, by climbing to the top of Mandalay Hill.

Soak up the best of what Myanmar has to offer. Get ready for a memorable experience. Unspoilt Inle Sea is interrupted by stilted fishing and Intha fishermen fishing with traditonal conic fishing trawls and powering their craft with a one-of-a-kind leggrowing technology. Come and see the orchards swimming in this huge pond, where local people are prone to fruits and veggies, among them the famed Inle varieties, which are said to produce some of the best in Myanmar's best sunflower-growers.

Myanmar is not without a trip to Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the holiest places of Buddhism. Attend sundown as the gold sanctuaries glitter in the settin' sundown and the skies are full of the sounds of gusts of wind that blow in the nightglasses. Between December and February the temperature is pleasantly cold and it no longer rain, so this is the best season for a trip to Myanmar.

Burma says it checked less than 400 Rohingya for patriarch.

Almost 700,000 Rohingya escaped Myanmar after military assaults on 25 August triggered a raid headed by military personnel in West Rakhine State, which the United Nations and the United States said represented racial purge. Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Prize -winning Nobel Prize winner - has tried to address the accusations by promoting developments in Rakhine and preparing refugee centres and a returnee camps.

In November, the two nations agreed to begin the return process within two month, but the return has not yet started because the stateless Rohingya, who is faced with movement constraints in Myanmar, is still exceeding the limit. Burma's Myint Thu, Myanmar's Foreign Ministry Standing Secretariat, said officers had reviewed Bangladesh's February submission of 8,032 people.

This 374 will be the first group to repatriate," Myint Thu said at a press briefing in the capitol Naypyitaw. Unclearly, the 374 persons had consented to go back to Myanmar. Burma could not verify whether the remainder of the fugitives had previously resided in the land, as some of them did not contain prints or photos.

At the same press briefing, Brigadier General Win Tun said that the documentation was "not in accordance with our agreement". Win Tun added that Myanmar has found three "terrorists" among the individuals proposed by Bangladesh for the purpose of being repatriated. Bangladeshi authorities have raised concerns about Myanmar's readiness to take back Rohingya migrants. Bangladesh's Commissioner for Refugee Aid and Rehabilitation, Abul Kalam, said he could not speak in detail because he had not yet heard Myanmar's reply.

Myanmar authorities at the press briefing in Naypyitaw tried to address the allegations made this weeks UNHRC. A UN fact-finding missions leader who refused Myanmar visa and a Myanmar High Representative for Enforcement, who was detained during the country's visit, met in Geneva on Monday.

Myanmar's Yanghee Lee, the ambassador, said cruelties against the Rohingya "bear the mark of massacre".

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