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Request a Myanmar visa online. Remember to visit Myanmar for your next trip to Southeast Asia? Complete your application online at

mm/. Are you going to Myanmar? Safe online application; tourist, business and private visas for Burma. Fill in the application forms for nonimmigrant visas and the supplementary form.

We are not associated with the goverment, this is a business website.....

We are not associated with the goverment, this is a business website..... There is a visa application tax for Myanmar through the Myanmar embassies. For the booking of a land visa as part of our procedure we calculate a processing fees for consultation, application and information about the state and results.

e-Visa Myanmar requirements, instructions and online order forms

All about Myanmar e-Visa To enter Myanmar, a visa is necessary. Tourist and business travellers can request the e-visa online before travelling to Myanmar. The online E-visa is a replacement for conventional visa (usually stamps in the traveler's passport). An" electronic visa" is an electronic issuing and storing agency for travelling to Myanmar, which in most cases supersedes the conventional printed visa procedure.

Myanmar e-Visas are issued 90 day from the date of issuance. e-Visas allow one time travel and stay up to 28 nights (tourist) and 70 nights (business) from the day of your stay in Myanmar. Myanmar Tourism or e-Visa can be obtained from Travel Document Systems for residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and most other counties (see list on the right) (exceptions see below).

For all other visa categories, the application should follow the conventional stamping procedure: Myanmar e-Visa is only available to travellers coming to Myanmar: When entering another marina or on board a ferry, you must request a traditionally-canceled Myanmar visa. Myanmar's government is issuing two kinds of visas:

E-visa (electronic visa) and conventional visa in your identity card. In case a multi-pass visa is necessary, please request the traditionally issued visa. An e-visa is only effective for a one-time visa, 90-day period from the date of issuance for a period of up to 28-day.

They can be made out in only 3 working day (Monday - Friday) and are a cost-effective one. Common passportholders from the following counties grant visa exemptions for 14 days: Common passportholders from the following counties grant visa exemptions for 14 days: You must have a validity of at least 6 month after your date of residence.

Visa fee is non-refundable. Except for the occupations listed in this visa application, you are not permitted to work with or without a fee. The petitioner shall comply with the law of the Republic of Myanmar and shall not intervene in the domestic business of the Republic of Myanmar.

Actions will be taken against those who breach any provisions of the Republic of Myanmar's applicable law, regulation or regulation. Applicants are not permitted to enter the prohibited area without previous authorisation. Please note that the approval is not a validated visa.

Notice of approval is effective for 90 calendar working day from date of issuance. If your application is unsuccessful, no reasons will be given or can be applied for. The turnaround can take up to (3) business hours, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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