Myanmar Online Video

Yanmar Online Video

Stats for websites that use the online video platform technologies in Myanmar and that use the . MM Extension. Myanmar Music Video: Twenty-five Rohingya men were massacred in Myanmar. Is this development going to overshadow Myanmar's rich cultural history? by PBS NewsHour.

Watch skate videos from Myanmar, skate videos from Myanmar online.

Deborah C. Hoard.

Covertly filmed for two years, this movie offers a unique insight into the world's second most insular land, kept in a state of hibernation by a violent army for almost half a cent..... The new movie was made by a US lecturer sent by the State Department to lecture physics at a Yangon school in Burma.

During his free times he walked through various parts of Burma, chatted with humans and filmed Burma's livelihood. For safety reason, those he has spoken to are not shown in the movie. The material contains Burma with Aung San Suu Kyi, the symbol of Burma's democracy. This is a very informative look not only at Myanmar, but at the unpleasant side of the earth in which we sojourn.

He really brought you into myanmar. he had to be gunned over a five-year period. didn't miss a thing! A very successful report that gives a seldom insight into Myanmar. I' ve learnt a great deal and really loved the movie.

CLOCK:: Resurrection in Myanmar

Witness how the might of Christ transformed life during the Franklin Graham Festival in Myanmar, a land previously sealed from the Gospel. We will not publish your e-mail-adress, but you will get our next BGEA-Update. As Thanh Hue says: Might it be possible to download it and transcode the video? we want to use it for our evangelization? thank you!

We have forwarded your enquiry to a member of our BGEA group. 1,700,000 with 1,000 that accept our Lord.

Introducing Telenor'Be Smart, Use Heart' videoseries

Last weeks Telenor Myanmar presented an education video series'Be Smart Use Heart', which aims to teach you how to remain secure on the web and take full advantage of the possibilities that are available online. Hopefully, this'Be Smart Use Heart' video show will help bring the advantages and disadvantages of using the web to the attention of individuals, especially schoolchildren.

Telenor, as a corporate citizenship program provider, will introduce more education programs in the near term to improve the quality of life and education of the Myanmar people," said Min Thu, Head of Telenor's Business Sustainability. As Telenor launches 6 installments of the'Be Smart Use Heart' video show, each new installment is published on Telenor Myanmar Facebook Page and Youtube every week.

There are three parts to the videos: Advantages of the Web (Episode #1), Online Security Awareness/Responsible Use of the Web (Episode #2, 3, 4 and 5) and Telenor Myanmar's Safe Web initiatives (Episode #6). Be Smart Use Heart's first video show about the'Advantages of the Internet' was released last weekend and shows the enormous advantages that are available online and how to take full advantage of them.

This video is part of Telenor's Safer Internet for School program, which was launched in August 2016. As part of the 2016 Telenor has been conducting secure online conversations at a number of state and local high school in Yangon and at Mandalay's public and local high school. Telenor also informed young people and adults in the countryside about the safer web through 61 Light House Digital Education Centers across the state.

Among the issues addressed are the effective use of the web, the avoidance of potential threats on the web under the themes of online banking, online banking, online banking, online banking, online banking, online banking, cyber growing and disgrace. In 2016, Telenor Myanmar also interviewed 12,368 individuals to gain an understanding of how harassment is observed or witnessed in its 13 marketplaces, 13 nations worldwide, and Myanmar included.

Telenor's Safer Web Educational Campaign has already trained over 50,000 Myanmar citizens, among them youth in the countryside - over 24,000 in 2016 and 26,000 in 2017 to date. In 2017, Telenor Myanmar aims to help raise awareness of safer web efforts among at least 50,000 individuals. Today, Telenor runs Myanmar's biggest and fastestgrowing wireless information system with approximately 8,000 locations and nearly 100,000 points of sales that serve 19 million clients national.

As Myanmar's biggest Internet network, Telenor also provides young people across the nation with a wide range of online available learning opportunities.

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