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Myanmar Shopping is an online marketplace where you can The Yangon online store is the very first online shopping site. United States online store Myanmar, Yangon, Burma. Yangon Sign In, Bogyoke Aung San Road. The delivery now only takes place in Yangon.

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It' always hard to memorize the website or the name of the website, and sometimes you don't know the major one. We have tried to collect all the top Myanmar Burma web shoppers' top resource in this application to help you saving your own personal space. The following on-line purchasing sites are available for purchase from all over Burma: Myanmar Rangoon, Mandalay, Monywa, Bago, Mawlamyine:

Simply rummage and shop in Myanmar with just one click.......

Myanmar is making online shopping more attractive

With Myanmar's use of the web increasing, the comfort and appeal of on-line commerce is also growing in importance. One of the most common ways to shop around is by using the web. Buying on line is most favorite among womens and customer reviews suggest a few fast klicks are more comfortable than combating congestions to go to the shop to search their goods.

"We have many types of product on our webshop. We' ve put the whole place on line. In the event of product issues, the client can give the product back and change it," says Elin Torstensson, CEO of mm. mm claimed to be the biggest retail site in Myanmar.

In addition to its scale, the website also assists in connecting on-line shoppers and vendors. On-line merchants will supply their goods to more than 60 cities. Buying stores like are not the only pages that have a bunch of traffic these days. See for yourself. Selling pages via Facebook and other forms of corporate publishing also receive their fair share as well.

Whilst comfort can appeal to some to shop on-line, web browsing is an obstacle for merchants to get over if it is to live. Myanmar's low bandwidth can be frustrating for some buyers and there are many who are unfamiliar with the computer, further isolating them from the merchant's client population.

"Myanmar's connectivity is still sluggish in comparison to other states. There is still a widespread issue with low-speed connections," Torstensson said. mm calculates the shipping of goods and some on-line shops ask for a pre-purchase through a discount shop for products costing more than 15,000 K.

"Now there are many Myanmar e-shops. But we always look after our clients and try to win their trust," Torstensson continued. Many small e-shops exist and some of these smaller businesses have had to close due to missing orders, said Ma La Pyay Win, who owns an e-shops that orders Hong Kong based goods.

"The most important thing when we run the shop is our customers' orders. There is no benefit for us if orders are very low, as our goods and services are ordered from abroad. The first thing that consumers do not have to shop around is that it can take a long while for some orders.

"I' ve got some dresses for sale on-line. It' s a long process to get the goods, so I don't buy any more articles online," said a purchaser from Kamayut Town. The use of cell telephones and the use of the web via wireless has increased quickly following the entry of international cell phone operators into Myanmar's telecommunications markets.

Telenor, one of the Norwegian cell phone companies, alleges that it has 12 million subscribers on its net and 57 per cent of the subscribers use the web. Myanmar Post and Telecommunications (MPT), the state-owned carrier, says it has 17 million subscribers and 11 million of them have signed up for its web-packets. As the speed and access to the web increases, so does the number of shops that shop on line.

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