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Sony's incredibly modern franchise store recently opened in Myanmar Plaza, and that shows. Cards are also accepted in major supermarkets and convenience stores. The Blazon Department Store ("Myanmar Plaza"), ground floor, Kabaraye Pagoda Road Yangon, Yangon Myanmar[Burma]. On this website you will find everything you need to know about the Republic of Myanmar (Burma). We are an online store to buy Myanmar(Burma) Origin Coffee Green Bean.

Hla Day means nice in Burmese.

We work with Myanmar craftsmen, underprivileged groups and small community companies to create, build and distribute high qualitiy handcrafted goods with a modern touch. Our aim is to create a lasting marketplace, commercial and educational opportunities to help our manufacturers, many of whom are fighting to eradicate handicap, marginalisation and wealth.

The Hla Day aim is to capturing the distinctive tastes of Myanmar style by purchasing all local supplies and celebrate local craftsmanship that allows both clients and craftsmen to experience and profit from Myanmar's one-of-a-kind, high-quality craftsmanship. We reinvest all our earnings in a variety of ways to strengthen our producer group.

Together we think, prototypes, share with each other our thoughts, explore material, test, get client feedbacks, and sometimes we begin all over again! Many times we go back to redesign something that is more appealing to the client and allows us and the producer to make improvements and gain useful experience. We attach great importance to our own product range, from handicraft products to eye-catching store presentations.

They learn that it is an important part of their designs and determine the success and durability of their work. Each of our product is made by a Myanmar singer. We proudly procure and use indigenous resources. In addition, we are focusing on building relationships that foster longevity, for example by motivating textile manufacturers to buy directly from textile manufacturers and by working with groups that are focused on ecological longevity, such as recycling plastics.

On Thursday 16 November, a collaborative project between Fauna & Flora International, Black Elephant Lake and Hla Day was launched to celebrate the Indawgyi Lake region's animal life with a unique varnish design by Veronica Gritsenko. As the up-and-coming tourist seasons unfold, Hla Day is looking forward to welcoming new guests who are enthusiastic about the art of Yangon's handicrafts and have a beneficial effect when eating, shopping and traveling in Yangon.

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