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The Myanmar Online Shop

With Myanmar's Internet usage increasing, the convenience and appeal of online shopping is also growing in popularity. Latest online shopping in Myanmar. Simple shopping for clothing, women's fashion, men's fashion and children. Shopping online in Myanmar Burma. mm Kaymu.

com. offers online shopping in Myanmar.


In Myanmar, since 2012, Internet use has been reduced from only 1. Because Myanmar's web traffic is increasing due to the decreasing cost of information sharing and the reinforcement of Myanmar's infrastructr... That means that online retail in Myanmar is becoming more profitable than ever before. However, at the present time the few online merchants in Myanmar are still struggling to establish themselves in the world.

Given the growing number of prospective online shopping in Myanmar, what will help businesses most efficiently meet Myanmar's e-commerce needs? Talking to the local population, we found out that youngsters are leaders in online shopping. Yangon has a range of online shopping and avoidable items for youngsters.

Clothes, bags, furniture, groceries and electronic goods were at the top of the online shopping lists. Second-hand and outdated articles also seemed to be a favorite choice for those who want to conserve cash for more costly articles. Pricey products such as electronic products from lesser-known dealers and footwear that the customer often wants to try on before buying.

Myanmar has several large commercial banking institutions that allow clients to make online payments: Each of the three is in Yangon and offers its clients e-payment solutions. Whereas Myanmar used to be a pure cash-only business, these online paying option providers are shifting the way consumers shop here.

And as the proportion of those who use online shopping increases, the profitability of online sales of goods will also increase. Although a prohibition of scooter in Yangon has increased the capacity of the supply of service to provide inexpensive and timely, alternative ways of supplying items to their clients. Businesses use bicycle and cab deliveries to deliver groceries and other goods to their clients.

While it can lead to longer waiting times, young clients, who are usually very busy, like to use these facilities instead of leaving their workstations. The majority of carriers are now charging only 1000 to 2000 kyats (.75-1. 50 USD) for their postal rates, which is quite reasonable for the ordinary Myanmarese.

Nearly everyone we talked to talked about Facebook stores before other sites came to our minds. Facebook is still the number one online shopper for youngsters. In Connecting with Myanmar Consumers, as we have already said, Facebook is the web in Myanmar. On Facebook, companies can also easily create a "Shop Now" opt-in on their site.

In addition to Facebook, a number of other sites have been created. The Zawgyi Mart offers a broad selection of items such as clothes, electronic equipment and ancillaries. Door to Door Yangon offers a much-loved grocery supply services. There' s even an online cab system known as HelloCabs, which allows clients to make their reservations online.

Although buyers over 35 are still uncertain about this relatively new way of buying goods, there is increasing ecommerce opportunity in Myanmar. Yangon's youngsters will tell you that online ordering has become more common than ever.

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