Myanmar Online News Photo

The Myanmar Online News Photo

Myanmar Online Media is a collection of news for the people of Myanmar. Find Myanmar's Irrawaddy online news page in the December photo gallery - click here. On-line Burma library ampgt reading room hellip. " My friend took pictures from a trip to Mandalay."

Embroider your paintings: BBC News - Myanmar directly

"a group of young Buddhist friars is collecting charity in the center of Yangon." "As we wandered through the ruined Bagan sanctuaries, a goatherd passed by." The Ananda Pahto or Phaya Tempel can be seen in this image by Arun Nayak shortly before sundown. I noticed this girl: bunched against the'cold', she was sitting in the midst of her cabbage and cauliflower, making a lively trade."

July Miller: "A lady is expecting her ship from the swimming pitot Than Hlyin near Yangon back to the water. Before Myanmar opened up to the outside wide, Khanh Nguyen took this photo. and without the groceries, I might have slipped it." Some years ago Batu Berkok is an ham dedicated passionate photo enthusiast who took pictures in Myanmar in November 2014.

I took this photo on a journey through Myanmar in March 2015. Because of the damp weather, fog appears at sunrise and provides the ideal framework to show the beauties of the Old Bagan temples".

China's first new Myanmar online in Yangon - Xinhua

YANGON, May 8 (Xinhua) -- China's first new full Myanmar release, Xinhua New Myanmar in Myanmar Online, was officially launched in Yangon on Friday. MYANMAR' s reader and viewers will be able to view and watch news, news photos and videos in Myanmar that will be released by the Xinhua News Agency using Myanmar mobiles, Myanmar website versions, Myanmar website, Myanmar Xinhua news, Myanmar news, Myanmar news, Myanmar news and google plus.

Myanmar Yang Houlan, China's Ambassador to Myanmar, U Tint Swe, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Deputy Chairman of the Myanmar-China Friendship Association U Soe Win, noted that Myanmar secretary and Myanmar News Agency Myanmar secretary U Tint Swe opened the new issue of Xinhua News Agency Myanmar online together with Myanmar correspondents Thauk Kyar. Yang said that the Xinhua New Music Myanmar Online represents a landmark in the information sharing between China and Myanmar that not only facilitates the viewing and reception of news, news photos and videos in Myanmar issued by the Xinhua News Agency, but also contributes to a better comprehension of China and the rest of the globe through the new Myanmar newsroom.

Xinhua NewMyanmar Edition Online is the first Xinhua publishing site in a minority group.

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