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The Sultan ('2016 Indian Film)

The Sultan ( "2016 India Movie") will be in Yangon cinemas from 29 July 2016. The Sultan is an 2016 sport dramatic movie by Ali Abbas Zafar from India. Producer Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films banners, the movie star Salman Khan and Anushka Sarma and revolves around Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan), a struggling international wrestlewoman.

Sultan has achieved world renown from a small city ring in Haryana at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, the 2011 FILA Wrestling World Championships in Istanbul and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. It was published on July 6, 2016.

Film FAN (2016 Indian Film)

In the cinemas of Yangon starting April 29, 2016, there will be another one. The movie is an original Maneesh Sharma movie with Shah Rukh Khan in the leading part. Made by Aditya Chopra under the auspices of Yash Raj Films, the movie narrates the tale of an obsessed supporter of a celebrity who looks exactly like the celebrity.

It was published on April 15, 2016.

Myanmar: A stream of webflix

As part of the company's internationalization into 130 new markets, Netflix - the world's biggest TV net - has arrived in Myanmar. However, slower speed of access and costly file charges mean that Myanmar's DVD stores are not yet threatened by online blur. Speaking at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said the move was "the emergence of a new worldwide web TV network".

However, Myanmar, which has just moved into the era of 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, may be too early to make the pledge not to wait any longer. Myanmar's web is still frustrationingly slow. No. A May 2015 survey by Ookla, an online metric company, found that Myanmar's average downloaded speeds were just over 6 Mbps.

A Myanmar Netflix users would need 3.7 hrs to get a gigabytes of videos at this rate - for example, a one-hour installment of Netflix's initial House of Cards film. Most Myanmar's population depends on costly 3G connectivity from the three wireless operators Telenor, Ooredoo and Myanmar Post & Telecommunications (MPT).

By January 6th, the Ooredoo Internet speed was many-fold lower than the already low averages. MPT was downloaded at just over 6.24 Mbps per second at the same hour of the second. Telenor, Myanmar's biggest 3G operator, said to The Myanmar Times that the company welcomes Netflix's move into the state.

But the spokesman said it would take "more elapsed for it to comprehend the problems it could pose," noting that more than 57% of Telenor's 12 million Myanmar clients are already in use. However, bing-watching an entire Netflix campaign could consume a great amount of information and costs the end-consumer a great amount of it.

Featuring a 6.5GB per monthly subscription for K25,000, it would take a single K50,000 to view all 13 installments of the latest House of Cards series. So, while some Myanmar web surfers were on Facebook to party the announcements, conventional storekeepers were not worried about a possible lost deal.

While Netflix is offering a one-month free evaluation, the base pack is $8 per months after that. Adding the subscriptions to MPT's lowest priced web packet could add up to nearly $60 for House of Cards customers this year. On the other side, DVDshops are selling seasonal prints for about K6000 - or $5.

Since pure online parcels must be bought with payment or online account like Paypal, most Myanmar residents will find it difficult to buy them. Payments for the use of payment and debiting machines were not available, but the Myanmar Payments Union estimates in July 2015 that 1.2 million individuals in the Philippines had direct debits and only 10 had direct dialing in.

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