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Traditional ways of hiring and recruiting people in Myanmar will sooner or later dramatically change towards more convenient online solutions. Obviously, online jobseekers rely on job websites - job portals like ours and agencies - but surprisingly, they don't always rely on them directly. We can tailor our services to your business needs, ranging from online job advertisements to search & selection and executive search. Look for your next career opportunity by selecting a country below. Every job description contains a link to apply online and submit your CV to us.

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We' re very interested in Myanmar's shellfish. We are also looking for a Myanmar sea food exporters who can exports to Viet Nam. What we want to know: 1) If they can supply 5 tonnes / months, and what is their maximal output volume, 10 tonnes / months, 20 tonnes / months, etc.... 2) the rate for each article, (eg per kg abalone) 3) site of the Myanmar shipping harbor 4) the period they need to meet these 5 tonnes 5) transport costs 6) taxes, and 7) important trading provisions for these sorts.

Our plan is to open a new branch in Vietnam, Myanmar or Cambodia. We' re looking for a Myanmar citizen to generate the leader and to carry out a live advertising campaigns (calls, e-mails and text messages) for these leaders, we travelled by bike for about 18000 km over 23 different countries: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain.

I' m looking for Myanmarese people who know a lot about Smart Farm, electricity, hydropower of technological developments and policies that are running and being conducted in Myanmar. It is a question of writing about what kind of techniques or policies are being processed in Myanmar and finding out whether they can be applied in my state.

It is a question of writing about what kind of technology or politics is being processed in Myanmar and finding out whether it can be applied in my state. We' re looking for a Myanmar citizen for the wire generating and the execution of a tele-marketing call to these leds.

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During the survey of over 150 job applicants who passed by our stand at the Opportunity Journals' Job Fair two week ago, gathered and experienced some interesting and insightful facts: Fifty per cent have searched solely off-line for job offers, 25 per cent are browsing solely online, and 25 per cent make a mixture of online and off-line.

Finding a job off-line usually involves looking for vacancies in magazines, but some job applicants have also looked for the services of an agency to help them get a job offer. Obviously, online jobseekers are relying on job sites - job sites like ours and job agents - but perhaps unexpectedly, they don't always depend on them directly.

For reviewers, Facebook has been a recurrent answer, and this applies to job sites that publish job offers on Facebook. Click on a job and/or share the Facebook mail with your buddies. Why did 50 per cent of job searches in Yangon go online? The online job search is virtually "weightless" - one would have to fill the equivalents of tens of thousands off-line job vacancies in order to be able to rival the job advertisement of a website.

It' not only about the overall number of job offers, but also how you can sort your offers by your preference. The online platform has integrated search engine capabilities that allow you to search across a range of job types on the basis of a number of job search criteria, including job site, job content and job-line.

As Myanmar's web adoption is set to increase, we are prepared to help the Myanmar community in their search for a betterĀ careers. According to Statema, job sites are like a "giant seesaw" where the appearance of more skilled job hunters forces more businesses to offer higher value employment and against it.

"Job applicants are also going online because more and more businesses are publishing job offers online," he said. It also makes business sense to go online. Over 40,000 jobseekers can find and apply for a job, and businesses can find talents more effectively with a standardized CV portal.

The Job Applicant Assistance team is also very involved in assisting job applicants to fill in their CV - businesses can then assess talents on the basis of a more in-depth dynamic. Since online job submissions have been very important so far, many job applicants still have concerns, especially about the online one. "Seeing is believing" when it comes to personally submitting your job resume - even as the web gets better and better, there is still a constant worry about what it means to lose your link when online job resumes successfully get into the company's back mail.

A further explanation why job applicants stick to the traditional is the fact that the personal job applications are seen as more respectable and show a more affirmative relationship with the respective candidate who has appeared in the personnel departments of the enterprise. As far as respectfulness is concerned, we are not in the market to convince another faith, but we believe that you can both show respectfulness and communicate yourself online-dynamic.

Interest and activity, top talent, targeted job and a section about me supplement the basic work experiences, training and linguistic knowledge to provide a more comprehensive presentation of job applicants in the shape of a CV. If the CV is more comprehensive, job applicants can better compare their own abilities with job details.

In addition, businesses can better assess their resumes, which means a higher chances of being hired for the desired job. We are also active as a job site in the field of matchmaking: the final objective is that every page, the job applicant and his or her CV, as well as the enterprise and its job advertisement, present themselves in a dynamic and transparent manner so that businesses find the right employees and job applicants find the right job.

It is about educating more job applicants and allaying fears so that more job applicants come on board with us online. It is the first report from's Inside Myanmar's Job Market series. Viewpoints and statements made in this paper are those of the authors and do not represent the viewpoint of Myanmar Business Today.

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