Myanmar on Map of Asia

Burma on the map of Asia

a. FCC map with MODIS VCF data and the TDA - SVM regression method - b. continued. Epicentre map of the quake. Burma, India / Catalogue Record Only covers South Asia.

Chameleon map of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal bordered land in southeastern Asia, is shown in full satellites. Bangladesh, China, India, Laos and Thailand are some of the world' s border states. Myanmar's new administration capitol (since March 2006) is a proposed Naypyidaw town in the Naypyitaw Union Territory, half way between the country's major towns, about 370 km North of its former capitol Yangon and 280 km south of Mandalay, known as the Nothern Capitol.

Rangoon, the former state capitol, is the country's biggest town and the business centre. Burma has a total of 51.4 million inhabitants (2014 census). Myanmar with major and minor avenues.

New National Geographic Adventure Travel Map Myanmar (Burma), Asia (revised) (paperback)

The National Geographic's Myanmar (Burma) adventures maps are developed to satisfy the needs of adventurers with their longevity and in-depth, precise information. It contains the location of municipalities with a user-friendly index, a clearly identified route system with distance and names for streets and motorways, and branch lines for those off the well-trodden paths.

The special contents of Adventure Maps differ from a conventional street maps. The National Geographic Adventure Maps are the ideal guide companions, yet much simpler to pack! Myanmar has almost every conceivable setting from the highest summit, the Hkakabo Razi, in the Hengduan Shan mountain range on the Chinese frontier to the lowland at the estuary of the Ayeyarwady River.

Burma borders China and Thailand to the west and India and a small part of Bangladesh to the north. It is this cultural crossroad that has made this new land a real adventurous place, describing Myanmar's long past in great detail. In the course of the ages, the Burmese capitol has migrated from Bagan in 1044 to Mandalay and eventually to its present site in Yangon (Rangoon).

On the northern side of the print card is the most hilly area of Myanmar on the Himalayan front door. The old imperial capitol Mandalay is one of them. On the southern side of the print card is the present Yangon capitol and the long Thai and Myeik archipelago's long frontier, which have been imprinted on heavy-duty man-made papers, making them watertight, tear-resistant, hard-wearing and able to withstand the rigours of the world.

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