Myanmar on Asia Map

Burma on the map of Asia

These seven regions are what the Burmese call "Burma Proper", the land of the Burmese. Collections of geography pages, printouts and activities for students. A map of Southeast Asia with Yangon, Myanmar, where this study was conducted. from the publication: Sites About Myanmar Maps of Myanmar. Asia Global has changed the e-mail domain from mail@asiaglobaltravel.

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MEC' s contribution to the Asia error map

Myanmar's current Myanmar Earthquake Comittee ( "MEC") is developing a map of Myanmar that will be included in an interactive error map of Southeast Asia later this year, said U Soe Thura Tun last weekend. Said the creation of a regionally activated error map was one of the arrangements of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society's Sixth Asia Oceania Geosciences Society meeting in Singapore from August 11-15.

"Created with the Myanmar Geosciences Society, the map was finalized to the determinist state in 2007 and is now in use in geology sections of university and related government agencies. We' ll be updating this map by add more recent research and then the map will become part of the live error map of Southeast Asia," said U Soe Thura Tun.

The British Geological Survey shows that the" first approach that goes beyond observing impacts and investigates the causes of seismicity" is the determination of seasonal hazards. This is often followed by a more extensive and more extensive risk seismological evaluation. It said that the regionally accurate error map will contain information on the kinds of errors, disk movements in south-eastern Asia lands and neighbouring areas, as well as eastern India and south China.

"He said that the region error map will consolidate all information on the region's disturbances and fill a topical information loophole in seismology surveys in all participating states. The MEC also continued work on a Yangon micro-zone map of the Yangon seamis. It began in 2004, U Soe Thura Tun said.

"60-70 per cent of the card is ready. Cartography of the areas along the Sagaing Fault, such as Mandalay, Taungoo and Oakthar Myothit in the Bago Division, was finalized in 2007 and 2008. SZMs show seasonal intensities and other information useful in the design and engineering of building sites.

United Soe Thura Tun said the map classified areas into five planes - low, medium, high, devastating and heavily devastating areas - according to their seasonal intensities and the state of rocks and soils. Said that all geomorphological surveys had been finalized to the determinist state and that they still needed much research to become probability-based geomorphological surveys that could then be used in the civil sector, for example in the implementation of construction regulations and norms.

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