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Ancient Myanmar photo

Ancient Myanmar(Burma) collection of photos. One interesting Facebook page is Myanmar Old Photos.

In Yangon on the old day, a view of Yangon shows the old days of the city through Yangon Old Photos. Newest tweets from Myanmar Old Photos (@mmoldphotos): Thet Oo Mg's documentary "The Old Phot.

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Aung San (February 13, 1915 - July 19, 1947) was a Myanmar revolutionist, member of the nation, liberation campaigner and father of the contemporary Burma army....y, the Tatmadaw. Burma was largely independent of Britain's settlement, but he was murdered six monitors before his definitive realization.

Mr. Bailey is considered the premier independent architecture pioneer and founding member of the Union of Burma. Aung San, lovingly called "Bogyoke" (General), is still highly respected by the Myanmar community, and his name is still used in Burma's political life today. The Aung San is the sire of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Old Yangon Photos

The exhibition is organized by the Italian Embassy and the Yangon Cultural Trust, a grassroots NGO devoted to the preservation of Rangoon's legacy, and features nearly 50 photos that illuminate architecture from over a hundred years ago, as well as details of contemporary fashion, the everyday lives of various ethnical groups and the lives of those who used to live and work in king's mansions throughout the state.

These pictures were taken by three foreign nationals who had photo booths in Burma from the middle to the end of the nineteenth centuries. The majority were taken by the Italian-British artist Felice Beato, who had a Mandalay atelier in 1887 and made a large number of photographs of peoples from this period.

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