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For those who come to Myanmar for diplomatic visits. We' re accelerating your Myanmar official visa. Now the Australian Embassy in Myanmar has an official Facebook page. You can apply for an e-visa for Myanmar if you travel to the country for tourist or business purposes. An e-visa is always a single entry.

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U.S. lifts visa ban for Myanmar officials

The Obama administration on Thursday rescinded a far-reaching visa banning order for Myanmar civil servants, further relaxing penalties against the Burmese government, despite increasing concerns that the rise of ethnical violence threatens its democratic growth. The repeal of the 1996 prohibition is the government's latest attempt to recompense Myanmar after its leader, Thein Sein, began opening his policy and economics after decade-long periods of armed domination in 2011.

Myanmar's Foreign Ministry said in a declaration that the move "to reinforce and promote further reforms" in Myanmar, also known as a US political issue under its former name, Burma, was foreseen. In the past year, the United States removed most of the penalties that restricted trading between the two nations, although still faced by army leaders and related businesses are penalties for violations of people' s freedoms, drugs dealing and the sale of weapons.

Though the State Department never released the forbidden persons' name, the travel limits to the United States were imposed on literally a hundred soldiers and other civil servants who were part of the country's army regime and their family. Mr Thein Sein, off the roster of prohibited agents last year, is scheduled to- see Mr Obama during his first trip to Washington this past month, according to lead and Congress official.

In March, a United Nations ambassador in Geneva cautioned that while Myanmar had made significant advances, the burst of harassment of Muslims and ongoing civilian conflicts would undermine the country's democratic transformation. A man was murdered in Wednesday's incident of new outbreaks of Buddhist sects destroying Muslim assets in Kenya's centre of Myanmar, Reuters said.

Foreign Ministry officers refused to openly debate these reservations or the grounds for the suspension of the travelling prohibition.

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