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The Intergovernmental Conference in Myanmar aims to promote sustainable growth through innovative policy advice based on frontier research. Research and consulting analyst at Colliers International Myanmar. Ausstress offers a full range of export services to Australian companies looking to expand their business in Myanmar. The Instant connects companies with the perfect flexible office space in Myanmar. Myanmar National Office.

In Myanmar, BLP closes its Myanmar branch based on work shortage

Leighton Paisner closes his Yangon, Myanmar offices for inadequate work. The law practice will be closed by Chris Hughes, the office's general manager, and his four Myanmar-based solicitors. "Since most of the work related to Myanmar is currently managed from the BLP Singapore offices, the stream of domestically produced businesses does not warrant that we currently have a on-site physically presence," the company said in a declaration.

From its offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, the law practice will further work on Myanmar deals. The BLP opened its Yangon branch in November 2015 after employing Hughes, former CEO of the Baker McKenzie branch there. Since 2014, the law practice has been present in South-East Asia when the law practice Legal Network Consultants (LNC) became a member of BLP's Asia net.

Since 2012 BLP has been working in Myanmar.

Burma - Intergovernmental Conference

These can be beehives of commercial activities and interactions or centers of overload and criminality. Myanmar has started a restricted decentralization drive since 2011, and there is pressure to push it forward. The Intergovernmental Conference in Myanmar began in 2012 and concentrated on substantiating the country's policy with facts at a period of current upheaval.

The Myanmar Intergovernmental Conference has advised policy makers on a wide range of subjects such as employment regulations, mobility, public finance administration, managing resources, FDI, job generation and infrastructure as well as questions of employment and infrastructure inequality.


Myanmar, with over 50 million inhabitants, is a large, dynamic and potential-marketplace. Myanmar has been ready for the global scene ever since. Helping our customers better comprehend Myanmar and its unparalleled possibilities in the globalized era. We work together to seize chances whether a customer is a grassroots customer who wants to increase his/her own profitability and competitive ability, or a multi-national company who wants to test new businesses and concepts in a green-field area.

We continue to work to improve the lives of all and reposition Myanmar in the international economic arena.

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