Myanmar Nrc number Format

Burma Nrc Number Format

A sample of the Myanmar National Registration Card from the publication: This paper presents the Myanmar National Registration Card (NRC) holder's automatic identification system. The forms are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). Application for taxpayer identification number. ""Take steps to prevent invasion of privacy" (letter to the forum) |format= requires |url= (help).

Myanmar National Registration Cards Authentication

Myanmar NRC (National Registry Cardholder ) is presented in this document. Identify the suggested system using the Myanmar NRC face and finger print images. The face detection and print detection systems were designed to confirm Myanmar nationality.

In order to achieve the age-invariant facial detection algorithms, DiaPCA (Diagonal Principle Component Analysis) and KNN (Kth Near Neighbour Classifier) are used. A finger print detection algorithms is suggested for the detection of the bad finger print picture with cloth backgrounds. A number of tests have been carried out to confirm the efficacy of the suggested method.

Humanitary Survey

Assisting expellees with short and long-term problems. Considered the longest lasting civilian battle, Myanmar has been plagued by domestic disputes waged by ethnical groups fighting for reign. Whilst the countrys commitment to achieving a peaceful solution, expulsion is continuing as a consequence of continuing fighting, intercommunal force and common succession.

Since the beginning of the dispute, several hundred thousand have been driven out. Aboriginal minority groups are still striving for autonomy, self-determination or even the most elementary acknowledgement, and the civil population in most of the country's frontier states is still drawn by force. Most IDPs have extreme restrictions on mobility, leading to poor living standards and insufficient accessibility to essential social work.

In the meantime, the global humane world has very little means of providing aid and shelter. Expulsion is even more problematic for minority groups, who are often deprived of their fundamental freedoms. Contemporary undevelopment and conflicts have devastated houses, aquatic environments, healthcare and educational institutions.


Biometric information is one-of-a-kind for every single user and very useful in identifying and recognizing individuals for many types of safety work and preventing thieves. Biometry serves the purpose of personal detection, which comprises the process of identifying and verifying. A national registration or identity document is usually used in all parts of the globe for the certification of authorised persons and citizens.

Your ID contains the name, date of your birthday, face and fingerprints of your name. The research focuses on identifying the Myanmar National Registration Cardholder (NRC) and extracting his or her information to help deter criminals and deploy the secure system. On the basis of the facial and fingerprint of the biometrical characteristic detection a quick and easy person ID system is developped.

It differs from other facial and fingerprint authentication systems. Myanmar National Registration Citizen (NRC) is a new edition released since 1990. This means that the period between the actual facial picture and the face of the map is more than 10 years.

NRC's fingerprint picture is very loud and of low qualitiy. A facial detection algorithms were designed to detect time-shifted pictures from the invariants of a face. Four different kinds of fingerprints obtained from standardb, fingerprint scanners, colour printers and Myanmar National Registration Cards (NRCs) will be used to study the approach.

Alignment between the fingerprint picture of the NRC and the scanning picture using the Eye-D scanners is carried out for detection. Recording of the game single is displayed when the seventy-five percent of the precision for both examinations of face and fingerprint. Not only can the detection system be used to identify the NRC owner, but the information of the appropriate person can also be extractor.

Ei Phyo Wai und Myint Myint Sein, " An Effective Identification System of Myanmar National Registration Card (NRC) Holder ", The proceeding of the SICE Annual Conference 2011, 13-18 septembre, Tokyo, Japon.

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