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There are reports of Myanmar security killing coming in. The Nobel Prize winner San Suu Kyi, whose party now controls Myanmar. I have travelled a lot in recent years, but every time someone asks me what my favorite country is, I don't hesitate a. U Ba Hein, Ayeyarwady Agriculture Minister, spoke to Myanmar Now about promoting agriculture in the country's "rice bowl". Burma is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world.

Q: Does the world misunderstand Myanmar?

Yegyi Army Yegyi detention of three Myanmar reporter

Rangoon - Three Myanmar correspondents were briefly held in Ayeyarwady region last night when they reportedly recruited a handicapped children serviceman, her publisher said. The 16-year-old Maung Thet Min Paing, Ma Kay Zone Nway, Ma Win Nandar and Ko Phyo Thiha Cho researched a tale, said U Zarny Win, Myanmar Speech Editors of Myanmar Now.

First part of the tale, released June 20, said that he was enlisted three month ago to receive army education in a Yegyi community in Ayeyarawady region area. Reporter interview Maung Thet Min Paing's wife and daughter, and take photos outside the Yegyi No 8 base gym, Zarny Win said.

He said that around 3 pm last night they went into the encampment with members of his wife and daughter who had previously arranged to be there. Tsarny Win said the journalists were then arrested and questioned by members of the Tatmadaw. "They went to the camps, but they didn't do anything. They didn't take any pictures.

After their arrest, the journalists could not be approached until about 5.15 pm, he said. Meanwhile, Myanmar Now approached the Myanmar Press Council, Deputy Information Minister U Aung Hla Tun and State Council General Manager U Zaw Htay. Reporter are said to have been discharged from storage around 5:30.

The Myanmar Now journalists said that the journalists did not take any photos in the warehouse, but that the Tatmadaw confiscated a storage map with pictures of the film. Colonel Myat Min Oo, a Tatmadaw True News Information Team spokesman, said today that he knew nothing of the event and refused to make any comments.

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Myanmar's young entrepreneurs are successful

Burmese entrepreneurs are the reason we are. We' re giving Myanmar's youth the chance to conduct experiments with the economy. Myanmar's 135 groups of individuals are a major advantage. The interaction of ethnical groups, economy categories and sub-cultures reinforces our small enterprise innovational mindset. Support for Myanmar's entrepreneurs needs efficient instruments.

We' re developing new industrial sector tooling, new methods and moving applications, and we test directly with our small businesses owners team. Made with Myanmar entrepreneur in view. Our aim is to encourage a sustained fight against extreme poverty, not through charity but by supporting employers in creating work. It is not just the education, but the real start of your company.

Teaching a man how to go fishing? Investments in a fishmonger's. Burma is a land of 50 million isolated from 60 years. Burma is young with 45% of the under-25s. It is both a challenging and potentially its greatest source of strategy capital.

Although there is currently a great deal of bullishness that a flood of changes is sweeping over Myanmar, there is still much to be done. It was a straightforward consequence of the generation of Myanmar's citizens going through an educational system that had been degraded by a systematic army regime.

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