Myanmar November

Burma November

This rainy season is already a distant memory and promises the best conditions to visit Myanmar for many November. Weather in Mandalay, Myanmar in November, average. Human rights situation in Myanmar. This festival takes place during Tazaungmone, the eighth month of the Myanmar calendar, which takes place in October or November of each year. An increasing number of travellers are going to Myanmar (Burma), and the country is adapting to this influx.

November 2018 Top 10 Myanmar (Burma) Tours with 208 Ratings

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Burma (Myanmar) Hikes in November 2018

Experience the high points of North Thailand and Myanmar on this 13-day trip, which begins in Bangkok and ends in Yangon. Encounter the mountain people of Chiang Rai and get to know how to prepare Thai meals in Chiang Mai. Discover Mandalay and see the sun set on the U Bein Bridge. Ride the Irrawaddy River, wander through the temple-filled levels of Bagan and much more.

Myanmar: Climate & Weather - When to drive, what to do and what to see?

Today Burma is referred to as Myanmar, a charming area despite the dictatorial regime that controlled the land, thus making it less attractive to the outside world. Mandalay with its convents and lively alleys is another great place to scale the hills that dominate the plains and see what remains of the Royal Palace.

Don't miss the Pagan site, which houses more than two thousand destroyed memorials, shrines and stupas that lead through and around the area, which you can explore with a horse-drawn carriage. Gradually you will be tempted by this foreign land, even if its wonders do not make you entirely ignore the relentlessness of its policy which is so little in tune with the magic of this land, which makes it such a singular tourist resort.

If you want a Burmese food (curry, travel, vegetables with lots of tea) and a room in a Burmese guesthouse or guesthouse for about 20 you can get a good lunch for 3 ?. They should have a first Aid box with antibiotic, diarrhea treatments, analgesic and disinfectants, as Burman stores have a very large stock.

In order to move around the countryside, you can select between a bicycle rack, a taxiscooter or, in certain places, a horse-drawn carriage in the city.

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