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Mrauk U. The floating gardens of Inle Lake. Many picturesque places exist in Myanmar, a country that is slowly awakening to the world around it. Yangon is the glittering jewel in the heart of Myanmar, one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Great staff, good food, very nice houses, good location.

Burma offers a wide variety of sights and destinations.

Nice places in Myanmar. Burma's top 15 best tourist locations.

Burma is the most beautyful and only untouched land in Southeast Asia..... We were just looking for the best advice on the web and everyone said that these are the best places to be. Well they' re not too poor, but after we' ve visited almost every Southeast Asian land, we know that there are many more astonishing places like El Nido in the Philippines or.... Burma in general with nice places in Myanmar!

In all honesty, we went to Myanmar because it was one of the last places in Southeast Asia that we did not see. We had no choice - we purchased our ticket to Burma. Turns out men in Myanmar are wearing tunics!

So many things have pleasantly astonished us in this land that we have written our own article about it: interesting facts about Myanmar. They' re writing about things they like in the most delightful places in Myanmar. Having seen all these amazing pictures and read their lyrics, we can't look forward to visiting Burma again!

I' m informed that the Shwedagon Pagoda must be the main tourist destination in Myanmar and I have to admit - it's astonishing! It is a spectacle, but it is also just a beautiful place to lean back and enjoy the relaxing and unique atmosphere. just like the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Sule Pagoda is not visited by many visitors and that is what makes it so nice. Sule Pagode is also a great place in terms of architectural design. Nearly everything has a gold colour and shines wonderfully in the bright light. In East Myanmar people already at an early age are wearing brassy cervical spools around their throat.

Several of the Kayan wives are gathering at the very touristic Inle Lake, where you can personally visit them. Rent a wood vessel for the whole afternoon and be surprised as you journey back in history on Lake Inle, where anglers are known for their one-legged oarsmanship.

Seeing them hit the waters with a canoe and move with one foot is a place to look at, but I was more fascinated by everyday marine living. Visit the many long-necked crafts stores by the lakeside, where welcoming village people and long necked girls show off skills they have been practicing for centururies.

Leaving Inle Lake with thousands of paintings, handmade memorabilia and a souvenir to remember all your years. A 61 km trek through secluded towns, immerse yourself in traditional monastic lifestyle and sleep on monastic grounds will take you to the stunning Inle Lake. Myanmar's temple and marvelous peaks are breath-taking, but we needed a rest in between.

Step into Red Mountain in Inle Lake! Situated on a magnificent slope overlooking Lake Inle and the city of Nyaung Shwe. If you are in Bagan - then it is a must to observe the sun rise. The Bagan is full of thousand of temples, just a few of which are known as the prefects of sunset sight.

Kya Hnyat is a small town on the Irawaddy River in northernmost Myanmar. It is a humble place where the desperate penniles of the world are in despair, but reveal the joie de vivre and lovable hopes of the little ones. The orphanages were a joyful place where the kids were playing football and riding bikes, and a convent full of young friars who learned the ways of a Buddhistic way of living but were still full of mischief.

I have the privilege of ascending the old pagoda from the tenth c. with more than 1,500 pagodas in Bagan, which surrounds the city. Because after this period I was told that it is still forbidden to go up the centuries-old pagoda in Bagan. Don't forget to see Bagan when you're in Myanmar.

When you like the outdoors, get off the well-trodden paths by motorcycle and huge Buddhas, Mawalamyine must be on your radar when you' re in Myanmar. The interior of the Buddha houses a monumental model gallery showing the Buddha's lifestyle and graphical images of hell, extinction and devastation.

There was also a large group of people who visited each year to work on the building and maintaining of the Buddha. This is what we like about Myanmar; wherever you go, there are unbelievable places of interest and friendly foreigners awaiting to become mates. Nyaung U Market in the old town of Bagan was one of the high points of my journey to Myanmar.

One of the most appreciated excursions in Thailand is a tour of the bridge over the Kwai and Kanchanaburi rivers. The other end is much less frequented, 415 km away in Thanbyuzayat, Myanmar. Most of them were never returned, so graveyards were built in Thailand and Myanmar as shelter.

After I was in Kanchanaburi and visited the graveyard there, I felt obliged as an Australian to attend the graveyard of Thanbyuzayat when I was in Myanmar. Situated about 90 min southwards of Mawlamyine, the trip leads through small Myanmar towns. Like all Commonwealth graveyards around the globe, the cemetery is well-tended.

It' looks out of place along a dirt track with cattle and traders around it. It is a truly touching place, and when you read the guestbook of those who came and found the tombs of their relations, it is enough to make you cry. What are your favourite places to be?

Any other great places to go to in Myanmar?

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