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Burma Beautiful place

You stayed in Myanmar (Yangon) because your stay at the tree Season Hotel was terrible. It's a nice place to spend the night. A very nice and friendly host. When you are looking for a nice pizzeria >>> come and try it! Yangon Chinatown is a nice place to get good food and drink.

Top 10 things not to miss in Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a tourist region with great promise. Although Myanmar is overshadowed by its well-known neighbour Thailand, known as the power house of South East Asia tourist, it is growing at a rapid pace. It is a land full of nature and culture and is an astonishing place to be.

Myanmar is an exiting land from old shrines and shrines, picturesque seas and streams to unbelievably welcoming tribes. There are 10 things not to miss in Myanmar. The old town of Bagan is one of the most astonishing sights of the area. Situated on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River, it is an archaeological site with thousand of old Buddha ist sights and palagodas.

It' a favourite destination for its breathtaking view and unbelievable ambience. In Bagan for an whole afternoon, you' ll be woken up early to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sun rise and explore the whole area by motorcycle. This is a buddhistic sanctuary in the state of Mon and is known for its giant block of stone granites coated with thousand of golden leafs glued to the rocks by its followers.

An unforgettable event and one of our best Myanmar itineraries. Ile is probably one of the most beautiful seas you can see in Southeast Asia. Embedded between the Shan countryside he is the biggest sea in the land and famous for his swimming garden, his old style stilted cottages and the famous fisherman who steer their canoeing.

Mt Popa is an extinguished volcano in the centre of Myanmar. There is a truly astonishing view over the nearby plain and Mount Popa itself. It is possible to ascend the mound to get to the convent or hike around Mount Popa, according to your amount of patience and endurance.

If you are in Yangon, the town' s most famous pit stop - the Shwedagon. One of the biggest and oldest of its kind in the whole wide open space, it is a striking symbol about 100 metres high in the centre of the town. It' entirely paved with golden and diamond adorned and is an unbelievably beautiful place to be.

The Ngapali is an enchanting palm-fringed sandy area on the banks of the Bay of Bengal in the west of Myanmar. It' one of the most beautiful beaches in the land and a great place to relax for a while. Though it has become an important tourism destination, you can still find some nice locals villages vibe and locals restaurant for a truly genuine Myanmar dining adventure.

Mahamuni is another important place of worship for the Myanmar population. It is situated south-west of the town Mandalay. One of the things that makes this Buddha so special is that it is home to the Mahamuni Buddha picture, which is the most venerated Buddha picture in the world. It is almost 4 metres high and over 6 metres.

In order to pay tribute to the Buddha, men (only men!) pendants put little golden sheets on it. This means that the picture is now completely coated with a thick coat of allgold. A stunning website to see and really a must if you are in Mandalay. U-Bein-Brücke is a well-known symbol not only in its home town of Mandalay, but throughout the state.

It is the longest teak wooden footbridge in the whole wide open space of the country and a really nice place to be. Cross the viaduct in the evening and watch the sun set. Mt Zwegabin is a hill in the south of Myanmar, near the city of Hpa-An.

It' s known for its stunning view of the countryside and the convent on the top. Stay in the convent, hear the monks' prayer and admire the stunning view at sundown. As you descend, you can go around the Lumbini Garden, where over 1,000 Buddha sculptures are placed in photoogenic series.

In the north-eastern part of Mandalay there is the Mandalay-Mountain. This is the city's symbol and a must for every visitor. Several Buddha sculptures and palagodas are visible on the way up. There is a fantastic view of the peak, especially at sundown.

Burma has a wide range of sights and destinations. Burma's tribe is unbelievably inviting and kind and will make your stay an unforgettable one.

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