Myanmar Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Myanmar Beach

Receive the Ngapali weather forecast. Explore Ngapali Beach on your private tour of Myanmar! Chill out and take a beach break in Ngapali. From Yangon a short flight takes you to its quiet beaches and crystal clear waters. The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful destinations in Myanmar and also the most beautiful beach in Myanmar.

Beach Tours Ngapali

Ngapali (????????????), with its unspoilt, palm-fringed blank sands, the clear water of the Bay of Bengal and a variety of challenging accommodations, has a legitimate name as Myanmar's first beach holiday - allegedly years ago by a homely Italians who recalls Naples. However, for all Swedish holiday destinations, Ngapali has a relaxed atmosphere in the fishermen's town, as the small ships that sail at night to collect the price, which is only a few hour later serving to the people.

Local people stay smiled, and despite the growing number of establishments, the 15 mile coastline here means there's still plenty of beach area. Ngapali is even more of a place to go to sleep early than a great place for beach parties. It is almost komatos during the wet period (May to October), many of them close for renovation or just open a few rooms.

Beach Ngapali

This beach extends for about 3 km with smooth sandy beaches lined with palm trees. The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. Are you fond of tranquillity and tranquillity and do you want to go to places "far away from the masses"? About 7 km from Thandwe (Sandoway), one of the old Rakhine (formerly Arakan) Cities.

This beach extends for about 3 km with smooth sandy areas lined with palm trees. It' the best place for sun bathing and relaxation like beach walks, biking and so on. In contrast to today's Asian shores, it is free of tumultuous beach cafes, congested crowds and merchants who will persuade you to buy your things.

It has only the beautiful scenery of the clear water, the beautiful sands and the beautiful suntan. It is a clear, unspoiled, cobalt bluish ocean. Bicycle trips are organized to the surrounding towns. It is the best season to come to this beach in October and May each year.

Without a doubt one of the best places for a restful vacation is Ngapali Beach near Thandwe (Sandoway) in Rakkhine (Arakan) State, on the Bay of Bengal. One of the most beautiful places in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is also one of the most pristine sandy beach in the whole country, with mileage of clean sand surrounding the crystalline water of the Indian Ocean.

Ngapali is actually not a beach, but a row of small fishermen's towns that stretch from Mazin, where the airfield is situated, to Lontha on Mayo Bay, where the coasters moor in a shelter. There is a small curvy asphalt track that winds along the coastline from Mazin to Lontha, past the town of Ngapali, Shwewa Gyaing, Myabyin, Lontha and some other small towns along the cost.

There is a course next to the street near the Ngapali town. Mandalay Air and the Myanmar Airways administration operate flights to Ngapali on alternating weekdays. Once you have rested on the beach under the clear sky, the more adventurous visitor or traveler has the opportunity to explore the chain of mountains behind the Strand Beach Hotel.

On the small hill you will find a calm sea, which is actually a dam with clear sea, where you can go fishing but not swimming. It is the meeting place for migratory waterfowl, mallards, teal and others coming from the far northern, beyond the Myanmar border during the cold war.

Pony rides are available on the beach. A number of travellers like to drive in so-called "sidecars", Trishaw's, which are driven by native villagers with two back-seat passenger side-car. There is a bus service between the towns and also to Thandwe, the regional center, about seven kilometers from the city.

You can reach Ngapali by plane in about 45 min. from Yangon, by road in about 14 hrs. along the Rakhine Yoma area. The Ngapali has an 18-hole global course where you can enjoy a relaxing 18-hole game. The Ngapali Strand Beach Hotel has forty-four one-storey chalets with two bedrooms and baths in each of them.

Opened about 35 years ago, the guesthouse is now equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Ngapali with its beautiful sandy beach is the right place if you are looking for a quiet vacation with enough reading and reflection to do.

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