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Newspapers for information on local topics, politics, events, festivals, people and businesses. These are a list of newspapers in Burma. The first bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper in Myanmar. The Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar's first and only bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper distributed in Myanmar and Thailand. Myanmar is urging China to begin repatriation of Rohingya soon -'state in Myanmar not conducive to a safe return of Rohingyas'.

Listing of Myanmar papers

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On-line news-portal, digital newspaper starts up today, Germany

yesterdays, the Ministry of Information created the online news portal and the digital newspaper, thus entering the digital age. Speaking at the official opening of Myanmar Digital News (MDN), a JV between the Ministry of Information and Megalink Advanced Technologies Co, Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint said that the current administration is chosen by the electorate and has a duty to keep them informed about its work and what is going on in the state.

"The Department agreed to start the MDN online newspaper as it becomes increasingly widespread in the state. Today it is noted that consumers are using messages on cell phone instead of hard copy, and other consumer electronic communications are turning to online advertising in Myanmar," the Union Minister said. Meanwhile, the state audio-visuals are responsible for giving the government official the views of the population.

In addition, he encouraged proposals from civil servants and the general community to enhance the Ministry's electronic communications to bring benefits to the population. At the official opening ceremonies of the company's new business, Dr. Pe Myint, Executive Director of New and Periodicals Enterprises United Kyaw Soe and Megalink Advanced Technologies Co Ltd's Chief Executive Officer United Than Htaik at Thingaha Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw, was the chair.

There are also reports and reports on politics, economics, education, society and journalism, as well as opinions, television, ethnical issues, speech and conversation.

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