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??) From Myanmar. Burmese national daily newspaper based in Yangon. Kyemon, along with Myanmar Alin, is one of two Burmese national newspapers in the country.

Congratulations to the voters

She said the Greens would work with the winning parties to help the local population and the state. The Union's Electoral Commission said on 11 November that the National League for Democracy has won 134 and the USDP eight out of 149 stated parliamentary chairs. The NLD won 29 of the 33 Upper House and USDP two.

The NLD has won 234 of the 274 provincial or state heads.

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Press release finds poorly balanced reporting on elections

An interim electoral reporting says that only foreign-based radio stations have provided the electorate with a wealth of opinions and information on candidates and other policy issues. In the printed press, the survey found that state-controlled journals were supporting the regime, while the National League for Democracy was receiving support from independent journals.

Published by the Myanmar Institute for Democracy on October 16, the story runs from September 8, when the election started, to September 28. This is an analytical study of printed, on-line, radio and TV reports on the election campaigns and the general policy environment, which includes the actions of the administration, the US presidency and Tatmadaw.

State television reporting was heavily criticized. "As a recipient of government funding, the state-funded mass communication industry has an increased obligation to provide a level playing field for policy-makers. Whereas MRTV and Myawaddy TV are financed with taxpayers' funds, on these television networks only the activity of the state agencies was covered...[They] largely ignored all opinions that were either neutral or discriminatory against the present institution.

However, their journalistic reporting "took a similar line to that of state-sponsored television stations," the newscast states. She called Cherry FM, City FM, Mandalay FM and Shwe FM, as they devoted most of their reporting to the activity of state officers. The BBC has also provided Myanmar "its audience with an appropriate balance of coverage".

MID's analyses of Voice of America and Radio Free Asia reporting will appear in a later review. Myanmar Ahlin and Kyaymon, the government-funded papers, are also predominantly pro-government, with up to 96% of their reporting on governance activity being favorable, 3% impartial and only 1% against. The NLD reporting was "very marginal", while the other political groups were hardly cited.

Eleven News, 7 Days and Voice" dedicated most of its reporting to the electoral process out of the five private daily newspapers under surveillance, with Eleven dedicating 56% to the NLD and 11.2% to the USDP. Out of the three observed weekly newspapers - including the Myanmar voice of the Myanmar Times - People Call "dedicated 72.8% of its policy and election-related reporting to the NLD.

It was almost entirely positive." Myanmar Times, an English-language newspaper, was not surveyed.

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