Myanmar Newspaper Journal

The Myanmar Newspaper Journal

Magazines are a new thing in Myanmar, and their readership is widespread. Burma Journal List. Uploaded by. This is Myanmar's first and only bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper and is distributed in Myanmar and Thailand. Yangon, The Trade Times Journal.

Unity newspaper five journalists paid with their freedom.

MYAN MARY WEEKLY NEWS JOURNALS and its development in recent years (Chapter 11)

How do magazines tell their readership? In Myanmar, when we say "gja ne" (magazine), we mean a monthly newsmagazine or a paper that appears once a week, usually in the form of a popular paper and about thirty-six to sixty pages. This paper is an important source of information for the Myanmar population.

When someone is telling a tale to another individual in such a rumored land, he is often asked: "Where did you heard that", or "Are you sure? Who" and when he answers that he has seen it in the magazine, people will believe him to some extent.

They do not contain either publicity, such as the ruling papers or television and television channels, or criticisms of the administration, such as the foreign hostile mass media, but they do contain interesting stories of interesting stories that are linked to people's everyday life, such as that some new phones are to be offered by the telecommunication division at a lower cost than before; that gasoline is to be bought from privately-owned filling plants; that mud and flooding have been found in preserved tealeaves; or that unhealthy dyes have been found in such an area.

That' s why it is that reason why they buy magazines to buy and then share the information they find there. In a television program entitled "What are the journals telling? of Burma? I found it a fitting cover, which exactly reflects the interest of the Myanmar population in the weeklies - the HOURNALS.

I describe in this section the advances made over the last two years by Myanmar journalist in the improvement of their magazines by expanding the field of reporting to the previously banned area of policy. However, first I would like to briefly describe the state of the Myanmar press in recent years.

Myanmar's new story of message mediums should begin with U Ne Win. Following the seizure of supremacy by a 1962 army putsch, General Ne Win eliminated not only the party but also the newspaper, with the exception of a few, which were nationalised and converted into Propanda paperwork by the state.

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